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How Much is an Electric Skateboard?

How Much is an E-Skate

There are a lot of introductory questions surrounding the electric skateboard phenomenon. What are the different types? Which e-skate is most relevant to your lifestyle? Another pressing question, revolves around the cost. The latter will really help determine your next step in the purchase decision making process. As with any product of this nature, performance will vary by price. Today, BoarderLabs is here to clarify what you can expect to get within each price range, to guide you towards an e-skate that will not only suit your wants and needs, but your budget too.

Note: The following (CAD) prices are approximates and may vary by market fluctuations, in addition to ongoing specials and promotions.

Electric Skateboard Cost by Performance Breakdown – What You Need to Know

$250 – $500

On the bare bottom of the scale you will find the most basic form of an electric skateboard. These are the e-skate completes that you’ll find behind the counter at Shopper’s Drug Mart, Walmart, and pretty much anywhere else that has the word “mart” at the end of it. A browse through Amazon’s “low to high” price filter will also list row upon row of cheap motorized skateboards. These boards may suit the short term needs of some, but if you’re looking for something for frequent use that will last far beyond the 90-day warrantee, you had best keep reading.

There is a way to walk away with a solid e-skate in this price range, especially if you have a knack for electronics and don’t mind putting a little elbow grease behind it. DIY e-skates are a viable option in this range for those that have some of the key components. You will require some help, which is why BoarderLabs is happy to bring the DIY community to the LABS. We will be stocking many hard to get DIY E-skate parts this year. Call us to request your DIY e-board parts!

$500 – 1500

This is where things get more exciting. The motor, battery, and complementary components in this range hint at far better performance. This is a great entry level range for serious skateboarders looking to include e-skates into their boarding repertoire. Look no further than the Mini Fiik Electric Skateboard as an example. The board is light and small, allowing you to keep the investment at a more reasonable level, while still offering high-quality materials with intelligent engineering. It delivers performance that includes up to 16 km/hr speed and a range of 20 km, with a recharge time of just over two hours.


There is a pocket of a price range that includes a very exclusive select lot of e-skates. Here you find the next logical evolution, one that bridges the zone between great performance and downright mind-blowing. Look no further for an example than the Boosted Single Drive 1000 watt board. At this level, you’ve found your personal transportation solution, a board that can take you through your work week and weekend warrior excursions all the same. The board offers an 8-mile range and light durability that can whisk you through suburbia, urban centers, and commercial concourses alike. Boosted has introduced another board that tips the scales in the upper level of this category, with their Dual Drive 1500 watt model. The extra bucks equate an extra drive and more power, which allows you to carve harder and go faster.

$2000 – $3000

This (price range) is where the magic happens. Think of it as an investment, because it is. You’re investing in a board that will stay with you for years, a board that will accommodate your need for speed, durability, and versatility. On the lower level of this price range, consider EVOLVE’s GT Bamboo Street Series. What you get is a legit longboard design, combined with 3000 watt dual brushless motor, a GT remote with an LCD screen, and a wider super-carve truck system. This set-up allows you to navigate tight carves with complete stability. This premium level also affords additional riding modes. With EVOLVE’s GT Bamboo Street Series, you get SLOW (enhanced control w/a safer top speed), ECO (a laid back ride with the longest range), FAST (as it sounds), and GT for unmatched power, speed, acceleration and climbing ability. The price range grows slightly, as you add All-Terrain performance, opening up your world by allowing you to ride over gravel, sand, grassy knolls and more.

There are other e-skates that land in the same bottom half of this price range, such as the new 2nd Generation Boosted Electric which is so advanced you can ride it in the rain. View our current line-up of Boosted models. Another excellent example of prime performance at the low end of this price range is the Inboard M1. This 14 lb streamlined complete allows 24 mph speeds, up to a 10 mile range, regenerative braking and quick-turnaround 90 minute charge time!

On higher end of the scale, well, you’re staring down the barrel of the future, delivered today. Mellow Electric’s Mellow Drive Complete is one of them. Another prime example of what you find here is EVOLVE’s GT Carbon Street (or All-Terrain) Series. What are you paying for at this level? The ultimate carving weapon. And weapon is an apt term, as in addition to all that the GT Street Bamboo has, you’re armed with a longer GT Carbon Fiber deck with built in electronics, 83 mm hybrid wheels, and an enhanced 42 Volt Lithium Ion battery. At this end of the price spectrum, you get unbeatable control and stability, an unparalleled 50 km range, and an all-around priceless experience. Trust us, it’s worth the investment.

If you have any further questions about what you get for each price range when it comes to an electric skateboard, contact BoarderLabs today.

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