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RDVX Can’t Be Stopped!


This past February, I was sent to California to photograph the first RDVX film tour. I was super excited  about this assignment as it would be the first time I was going to Cali to shoot, even though I knew most of the spots we would be visiting had been photographed many times. Before leaving Jersey I made it a personal goal to shoot these well-documented locations with some new perspective.

Upon arriving in LA, we met up with our crew at the Skate House and headed to Santa Barbra to crash at the Orchid while we shredded some hills in that area Despite less that perfect weather, the crew stepped up to push through the cold, rainy, foggy conditions to get the trip off on the right foot.


All and all, from a photographer’s perspective, I couldn’t have been happier with how the trip turned out and that I had the chance to photograph some of the most amazing people. I have to give a special thanks to Louis Pilloni, Brett Ciabattini, Axel Serrat, Jimmy Riha, and Daniel Luna because without all their hard work and dedication I would not have been able to do my job. It was certainly a pleasure working with them and I am looking forward to the next opportunity to capture some epic skating.

Abec 11 (30)
Almost (47)
Arbor (62)
Atlas (18)
Bear (37)
Bones (140)
Buzzed (1)
Caliber (71)
Carver (217)
Cliche (3)
DGK (70)
Divine (1)
DOPE (1)
DTC (2)
Flip (7)
Folk (0)
Grizzly (20)
Harfang (12)
Hawgs (64)
Loaded (131)
Madrid (65)
OJ Wheels (137)
Paris (74)
Penny (88)
RAD (10)
RARE (269)
RDS (88)
Real (28)
Ricta (45)
RipNDip (326)
RipTide (141)
Ronin (4)
Serfas (8)
Silver (18)
Slave (0)
Sunset (4)
SUPER7 (14)
Venom (38)
Xylan (4)
Yeehaw (4)