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Waterlogged Wheel Myth

The Waterlogged Wheel Myth“I rode my wheels in the rain and now they are ruined and won’t slide!” How many times must we hear this complaint? How many more times must we educate and explain that this is just part of how wheels wear?

If you aren’t quite sure what we are talking about, let’s spell it out. Riding and sliding your wheels on dry asphalt sheds urethane off the wheel and leaves it in the form on steezy thane lines on the ground.

However, riding and sliding in the rain is completely different. Sliding wheels in the rain is essentially just a really fun and slippery way to clean the hell out of your wheels. All those cells of urethane that you opened up by pulling slides get cleaned out and “polished” by the wet pavement. Think of this in the same way a smooth paint finish is reached on a car or helmet. First, the old coat is sanded with a rough grit to break down the old paint. After, a finer grit “wet” sanding is done to attain a smooth surface.

How does this relate back to your waterlogged wheels? Well, they are not waterlogged! Aside from the fact that polyurethane and water DO NOT MIX, your wheels have essentially been wet-sanded down to a finer, smoother finish. You’ve polished them! Now they are all nice and shiny and new again. So what should you do if you ride your wheels in the rain? Quit complaining and go out and shred!


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