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Carver Ecothane Wheel: An Eco Friendly Alternative

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Carver Ecothane Hand 500Carver Ecothane "made with" 500Offering an incredibly smooth ride, the new Roundhouse Ecothane Mag wheel profile and formula brings additional grip to keep your wheels engaged with the pavement as you flow from turn to turn and has been well-received by our team riders. Carver President Greg Falk, on the Ecothane formula:
Carver Ecothane WheelsCarver Ecothane Wheels

Carver Ecothane Wheels

“We never compromise quality in selecting our materials, but it’s a true win-win when we can limit our carbon footprint and show an improvement in the board’s performance. We are pleased with the new Ecothane formula, and happy to support the movement towards a more environmentally friendly rider experience.”

By riding your skateboard daily, especially for trips less than 1-mile, you can do more than your part to curb fossil fuel consumption. As a reality check, the average American adult consumes an estimated two gallons of oil daily, thus inadvertently supporting fossil fuel exploration and the destruction of our natural environment.

As a society, Carver is aiming to drastically reduce fossil fuel consumption through alternative energy sources (solar and wind), more efficient modes of transportation (electric vehicles), and personal consumption habits (reduced waste). Carver wants to help you disconnect from fossil fuels even more through the Ecothane wheel, just another reason to feel good about pushing more and polluting less!

In an effort to bring cleaner lines to the forefront, Carver will continue to push forward with innovative alternatives to standard materials, while maintaining the highest level of performance. With California recently voting to ban the plastic bags and legalizing herbal remedies – Carver is happy to continue the ‘greening’ movement. 

Carver is always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and create a more eco-friendly rider experience. The Roundhouse Ecothane Mag 65mm 81a is made in the USA from a unique formula that incorporates soybeans to offset the reliance on petroleum-based urethane. The new Roundhouse Mag wheel profile’s flexible lip brings additional grip to keep your wheels engaged with the pavement as you flow from turn to turn and offers an incredibly smooth ride.

Like all of the Roundhouse wheels, these are center-set which allows you to rotate your wheels for even wear, extending their usable life. Grab a set of these earth-loving wheels and go skate for a cleaner tomorrow!

Jake Smith, throwing some dusty spray on roadside banks and dry ditches deep in the urban ocean. From his powerful backside snaps to his deep tail slides, his CX Carver set-up pumps between sections to link impossibly long rides without ever having to push.

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