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Vancouver’s Bustin Board Wheel Lineup


Bustin began developing longboard wheels four years ago, their goal was to create something exceptionally better by the standards of serious skaters.

Since then they’ve meticulously developed and refined a wheel lineup to stand alone, carefully tweaking shapes, specs and urethane formulas. Once a wheel finds its way onto your board, you know that it has been shred with a purpose by their team and passed many tests. They only put it out if they can stand behind it and are proud that some of the world’s foremost shredders ride the Bustin Board Wheel lineup!

The Bustin Wheel line up!

Bustin 5-O’s
Introducing our Five-O Series Longboard Sliding Wheels. Five-O wheels are made with a brand new formula urethane that provides for extremely consistent, smooth slides and leaves buttery rich thane lines with little effort. No Coloring, All Thane. Pure, honest, law enforcing thane means more grip through corners and smooth slides when sideways. It makes for all around better sliding wheels for longboards. Riders will lean on these a little more before they release, and when they do, it will be as good as it gets. We chose to use a small, proven core that maximizes thane depth with no risk of cracking or blowouts.

Swift Wheels

These longboard slide wheels are ready to be beat up. We are offering two wheels shapes, a 64mm centerset and a 72mm sideset. The centersets were designed with our Yoface series in mind but are also great for any freeride or freestyle setup. They’re flippable, so you can wear them evenly all the way to the core. The sidesets slide super cleanly and will be a favorite for freeriders. Placing the core further away from the inside reduces the risk of hangups midslide. A slightly larger, 72mm diameter means they’ll go very, very fast.  All in all, the idea is give riders smooth sliding, chatter free longboard sliding wheels that will leave thane lines on asphalt like crayons on construction paper.

We recommend the 72mm sidesets for fast freeriding and the 64mm centersets for all things tech. Special thanks to Bustin Team Rider Noishh Boom for creating the Police Car and Donut graphics for the wheels!

Bustin Sniper series 5-O’s
The Bustin Sniper Series Five-Os are square lipped with a wide contact patch, offered in 66mm, 70mm, and 75mm diameters. Not only will they provide you with the super smooth, consistent, and controlled slides that all Five-O’s share, but the larger contact patch and square lips will grip harder around corners, while the greater amount of urethane in these wheels will provide more resistance, control, and longevity. The smaller the wheel, the easier it will let go, but as you move up in size, you get a larger contact patch and more urethane depth, and therefore more grip and more lasting power. The larger contact patch is also more resistant to flat spotting when compared to the round-lipped Five-O wheels. Many riders, especially those pushing to go faster and faster, will prefer these wheels over the round lips, while most beginners will find the round lipped options to be easier to learn on. Whatever the case, ride Five-O wheels with the expectation that they will slide on pavement like a sugary donut through your gut. We’re not totally sure what that means, but we love donuts, and we love these wheels!  Five-O Snipers for controlled, precision sliding. Ride ’em like your’e runnin’ from ’em!

Bustin Swifts.
The wheels are named after the artist who put his tag on them. We felt the name represented the feeling you get when you’re riding them, and it stuck. The Swift Freerides are Bustin’s answer to all of the recent wheel offerings we’ve seen with a little added innovation of our own. Their team riders have been thrashing these on the Williamsburg bridge, in the city, and on north Manhattan’s steepest slide hills on everything from the 32-inch Maestro Mini to the Ibach to a 58-inch dancer. They all came back with the same response–Wow. Try out these new Swift wheels and see for yourself.

Not sure which set to get? We recommend the harder 82a wheels for people who are first time sliders. They will release the easiest, and that will make the learning process easier, especially at lower speeds. The 75a wheels will be suitable for beginner riders who want a soft, cushy ride that want to have the ability to release the wheels a little during hard carves, or they’re great for advanced riders who want to cut a lot of speed during slides and still grip around corners.

Swift WheelsThey’re also super fast in a straight line and will make for an excellent city cruising wheel. The 78a Swifts are the go-to wheel for most freeriders in most situations. Whichever you choose, you’re going to have a hard time riding anything else after your Stoke-o-meter fills up past full and blows its top. From then on, everything’s based on feel, and if it doesn’t feel like Bustin, it’s probably just bust.

Bustin Premiers.
The Premier Formula is Bustin’s  line of wheels. Inspired by our latest boards, the Ibach, and the Robot, it was time we released a downhill wheel that could perform as well as these boards. The 90 degree hard lip combined with a 55mm contact patch on a 70mm diameter wheel makes for some of the most sticky and reliable turning ability we’ve ever witnessed. The core is offset but with a larger inner lip than most of our competitor’s similarly-shaped wheels, further adding to their ability to grip tight turns.


The urethane is super high rebound, which makes these wheels fast.  Testing on the Premier Formula wheels has proven that not only are the wheels fast and grippy, but when forced to slide, they are consistent and reliable. They will be excellent for speed control in downhill applications or a good alternative for a more controlled slide than the Swift wheel line, which will release and slide with less effort but slow down riders less and provide a little less road feedback. Local riders are saying there is no such thing as too much speed with these wheels on the right setup. On the Premier line, control is key.

Bustin is releasing three durometers of Premier Formula wheels–the black 78a, red 80a, and neon green 82a. These duros should give downhillers and pumpers an adequate selection of wheels to choose from in nearly all applications, and the high rebound and large contact patch will also lend well to pushers and commuters who want to feel bumps on the road less and retain rolling momentum.

The “Royce” Premier Formula.
Their Premier Formula longboard racing wheels have been a hit as an excellent downhill and freeride wheel both here in NYC and abroad. The new formula has a super high rebound and lots of long-lasting urethane, making them great for cruising and carving and sticking turns while still sliding predictably.

William Royce Wheels

The “Royce” Premier came as a result of our top downhill rider, William Royce, requesting the same downhill longboard wheel characteristics of the original 70mm Premier but with the greater rolling momentum and speed of a 75mm longboard racing wheel. Due to Will’s success on the downhill circuit and his undying devotion to Bustin Boards, it was only fitting that we dedicated the wheel to him, as we know he will be taking these through the finish line for years to come. These wheels come with a wide 62mm contact patch, mildly offset with sharp inner and outer lips for intense grip through corners. The 75mm diameter make these excellent for rolling over faulty roads and reducing road vibration, and the weight of the wheel, while accelerating slower, keeps the wheel rolling for longer than its 70mm counterpart.

Bustin Boca’s
They updated their famous Boca longboard wheels based on input from their team riders and customers. The new shape is highlighted by a beveled edge on both the front and back side of the wheel designed to break in comfortably to your style of longboarding. What does that mean? It means the wheel will adapt to the type of longboarding that you do most. If you just like to cruise and carve hard, the edge will hold its shape and hold the road when you need it to.  On the other hand…..if you are looking for a free-ride, slideable wheel, just do it. You’ll see the sharp edges wear down smoothly and the wheel become a buttery, rounded free-ride cruiser. If your somewhere in between, this is your all around longboard wheel. The beveled edge glides over imperfections in road and won’t chunk when you have a throw down an occasional hard slide stop. Our new urethane blend is significantly faster than the first generation Boca and has already begun winning races on the NYC scene. The slightly offset core is positioned for a comfortable balance between speed and grip and is strong (meaning it won’t burn out and leave you riding on your bearings like some wheels). The widths and contact patches have been tuned for a flexible range of longboarding and the graphics are, well, lets flip the script and talk about that. 

Make no mistake these wheels are FUNCTION over FORM, but we’re not shy about appreciating the form too. In New York City they are surrounded with one of the most progressive and inspiring arts and graphic design communities in the world. From the graffiti covered neighborhood where there Brooklyn shop dwells to the art shows and design forums that flood the five boroughs, they dig art and design. As such, they wanted the graphical design of the new wheels to have a meaning and purpose as well.

Boca Wheels

They received good ideas from tons of talented designers and finally pieced together the concept of the core-less rolling longboard wheel. The idea is that the charcoal colored core blends into the color of the asphalt making it appear that the wheel is core-less when its rolling. After all the prototypes were created and the designs were finalized, our manufacturer told us it was impossible to do. Nooooo pleeeease! They pushed back (aka begged) and they stepped up, working with them to re-engineer their printing machine allowing the ink pads to reach deep into the core covering the whole inside wall. You can guess which wheels are in the front window of their showroom as we speak and you may also want to place a wager on how long it will take someone to bite this style. Of course they don’t mind, they love design. Start the clock and go skate. The Bustin Wheel Line up.


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