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Old School Reissue Skateboard Decks to Get Stoked About in 2017-18

Old School Reissue Skateboard Decks

CalStreets’ reissue skateboard decks are here and holy s#!t they are awesome. While each one in the lineup is enough to pull up long buried memories from your soul, we’ve got a few favorites with iconic designs we’d like to share as 2017 comes to a close and 2018 unfolds. Enough already, let’s get to it.

7 Featured Reissue Vintage Skateboard Deck Designs to Add to Your Collection Today

1. Suicidal Skates Pool Skater

Old Skool Reissue Skateboard Deck Suicidal

image: Dog Town D.T.S.

If all you ever wanted was a Pepsi and your mom wouldn’t give it to you, then this deck is for you.

Seriously though, if you get that reference then you need to get this deck. You may be tempted to make this 10″ wide x 30.25″ long board a wall-hanger, thanks to the original art from Lance Mountain gracing the undercarriage. But with an 80’s concave with single kick tail, slight spoon nose, and front wheel wells, you’ll be carving up your neighbor’s empty backyard pool until your heart’s content (or the neighbors come home). View more on this too cool to be new-skool deck here.

2. Blockhead Hard Times Natural

Old Skool Reissue Skateboards

Originally released in 1990, this 9.75″ x 32” deck is vintage for the millennial to iGen generations. The impeccably twisted graphic which comes straight from the mind of Ron Cameron will inspire your next session, while the old school layup and hole pattern will help keep you grounded. You’ll have a hard time keeping this woodwork (7-ply maple) from becoming a display piece, so may as well order two. View more on this classic au natural deck here.

3. h street HENsley street swinger

Old School Reissue Skateboard Decks

This has always been on one of our favorite designs, and it seems that the skateboarding world agreed, given that this Scott Obradovich rendition would become one of the best selling boards of all time. To make the reissue a reality, the graphic was fastidiously restored to its original glory, making it one of the most highly sought after collector edition reissues. The 9.6” x 30.75” deck has been manufactured with the original specs, complete with old school hole patterns, shapes, and the original Hell Concave. View more on the Street Swinger deck here before swinging by our shop (or ordering one online) to pick it up.

4. Santa Cruz Neon Slasher

Old Skool Reissue Skateboard Deck - Santa Cruz

Nothing says old skool 80’s like neon, and Santa Cruz delivers accordingly with their Neon Slasher reissue. At over 10″ wide (10.1″ to be exact) and 31.13” long, this old-school shaped, medium concave board carries the iconic graphic of the one and only Jim Philips, an artist known for his work in lowbrow and kustom kulture. This boardwalk rider which has been constructed from seven plies of maple wood will have you pining for the days of old. View more on this trippy reissue deck here and start slicing through the streets of your city.

5. DogTown OG Bulldog Rider

Old Skool Skateboard Deck DogTown

No reissue collection could be complete without an addition from Dogtown Skateboards, and this one is for OGs all the way! The 10″ x 30.25” deck takes you back a decade further (than above) and wears the iconic 70’s DogTown Skates stamp complete with the Bull Dog Design by Wes Humpston. Wes’s artwork has long been sought after by private collectors and now you can own one of your very own, on a Watson-manufactured DogTown Skateboard deck. View more on this bullish board here.

6. Powell Peralta Ripper WHITE

Old Skool Reissue Skateboard Decks Powell Peralta

This vintage pig shape 31″ board with wheel wells is immortalized with what may be the most iconic skateboard graphic of all time. “The Ripper” was illustrated nearly 35 years ago, by legendary Powell-Peralta artist V.C. Johnson, and what better way to pay homage to the design than by slapping it up against the classic black and white strips. You need this board. View more on this epic deck here.

7. Powell Peralta caballero Chinese Dragon

Old School Reissue Skateboard Deck - Caballero

This 10″ x 30″ tough as nails (7-ply maple) fish-shaped deck is tattooed with the classic Chinese Dragon design that remains just as relevant today. The design was born from a call to change up Steve Caballero’s deck graphic after a 6-year run of the same. Coinciding with the filming of Bone’s Brigade’s The Search for Animal Chin in 1986 (released in ’87) the dragon graphic made good sense. The artwork was actually inspired by VCJ’s affinity for Chinese takeout (ergo the takeout box design). Add the Cab Chinese Dragon to your reissue collection, but feel free to view more before ordering for takeout.

This list could go on and on because for each person in our Vancouver shop, a certain reissue holds a special place in their heart, young guns included. Have a look at our entire reissue quiver to see which one connects with you best, and start riding a classic today!


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