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Black Friday Skateboard Deals 2022

Yow Surfskates Sale Canada Pickup Vancouver Black Friday

If you’re like 54 percent of Canadians (and counting) you’ve jumped on the annual U.S. bandwagon to celebrate Black Friday by hunting down deals to save you a TON of dough. While the focus is typically on fashions, 4K TVs, and the latest chicken wing air-fryers, we know our crowd is seeking something more in tune with their tastes – skateboards! And it’s not just skateboard completes we’re talking about. You may be searching for vintage reissues, accessories, and electric riders that will catapult your concrete adventures into the new year. Have we got some DOOR BUSTERS on deck! Let’s find out how much you can save by taking advantage of the best Black Friday skateboard deals in Canada for 2022.

Top 5 Door-Busting Skateboard Deals to Ride With This Black Friday of 2022

1. Giving Thanks w/a Big “Thank You” OFFER

Black Friday Thankyou Decks 29.95 Completes $49.95 CalStreets

What better way to show our gratitude to our current and prospective customers than with a big ThankYou deal.  ThankYou skateboards is the brainchild of Torey Pudwill and Daewon Song. Their mission is to leverage the collective power of skateboarding to uplift communities through action. A portion of the proceeds for each deck sold is donated to one of their causes. While that on its own motivates skaters to get on board with the brand this Black Friday, BoarderLabs is upping the stakes by offering up to 58% OFF on popular ThankYou decks and completes. View them all here and make your pick/s.

2. Head-Spinning TSG Helmet SALE

Protect your noggin with BoarderLabs’ heading-spinning deal on the best and most technical downholl riding safety gear that Switzerland has to offer. Get upto $79 dollars OFF of the new TSG Pro Pass longboard helmet with Silver Stripe, the TSG Pass Pro downhill helmet in Matte Firwood Brown, the Matte Olive, or ride with the Matte Fatigue Green, all of which  boast a bonus visor. Stay badass and concussion FREE with this unbeatable TSG Helmet Black Friday deal.

TSG PASS FULL FACE HELMET  $299 / $79 Off Reg $378
TSG STATUS LED LIGHTS HELMET  $68.50 / $30 Off Reg $98.50
TSG GEO LED LIGHTS HELMET $69.50  / $29 Off Reg $98.50

3. Once a Year OneWheel SALE

Onewheel Black Friday Sale Canada Pickup Vancouver

We know a large number of you are searching for “Black Friday electric skateboard deals” and BoarderLabs is here with the answer riders across Canada all want to hear – OneWheel is on SALE! That’s right, it’s that offer that only comes around once-a-year. In addition to FREE shipping across Canada, you can score a to-be-announced deal by visiting OneWheel on our website on the 2pm of Thursday November 24th. Will you get the PintX? Perhaps the GT? If you can’t decide, view our guide for Which OneWheel Should I Buy as you countdown to our e-Skate Black Friday sale.

GT Slick Sale $2700 / $250 Off Reg $2950
GT Treaded Sale $2750 / $250 Off Reg $3000
Pint X Sale $ 1709 / $190 Off Reg $1899
Pint Sale $1339 / $160 Off Reg $1499

4. Reissues You Can’t Miss

Glow in the Dark Skateboard Canada

Did you miss the original decks when they came out in the 70s or 80s? Or did you pawn them to score cash to pay rent through your college years? Perhaps it was all before your time, but the old soul within demands a vintage deck for your quiver. Whatever the case may be, CalStreets is facilitating your taste for the hottest reissues this Black Friday. Score a deal on this Alva 45th Anniversary Limited Edition 1977 reissue (FREE shipping) and/or a deck from this equally limited edition Madrid Glow-in-the-Dark Series. You can save even more on the latter this Black Friday by buying all five decks at one great bundled price. ADD TO CART this month and you will instantly own the entire quiver of Madrid’s GITD decks. View our entire reissue department to find the deck that connects to your soul.

5. Carving $250 OFF of ONSRA Black Carve 2!

Black Friday Skateboard Deals Canada 2022

We’re not done with our electric skateboard Black Friday deals, because ONSRA is also cruising in with their belt drive e-Skate. We’re carving $250 OFF of the ONSRA Black Carve 2. With a 50 km (32 mile) range you’re already saving on commuting costs and battery charging power. That extra $250 will help you go even further into gift giving season.  This deal becomes active on Black Friday so be ready with your finger on the ADD TO CART button before inventory is done and dusted.


Black Friday Skateboard Deals Canada 2022

Our Top 5 above is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the featured offers, we have deals on skateboard accessories galore. We’ve got hefty percentages off on backpacks, bearings, grip tape, helmets (including other TSGs), surfskates, trucks, wheels, and more. Click here to view all of our Black Friday sales.

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