Grominate Saturday Morning Satire 8.0”


Grominate Saturday Morning Satire 8.0”


The Grominate Saturday Satire deck has ripped the 90s out of your mind, twisted them all up and put it in front of you for you to see. Bulging eyes, zombie-fied and generally evil eyed, this deck is so twisted you won’t be able to put it down.

Give your skateboarding the true edge it deserves. Are you tired of gimmicks? These boards are simply skateboarding done right. Best quality, nothing less. Feel the difference under your feet with a snappier pop, smoother slide and a stronger longer lasting deck.

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Grominate Skateboard Decks Slicks Canada USA

CalStreets Saturday Satire Skateboard Deck Vancouver CanadaTwisting the minds and bodies of our beloved childhood cartoons, the Grominate Saturday Satire board is so twisted you have to love it. Its amazing what happens when you let a local artist unleash his creativity on skateboarding, all we can say is ‘’hell yes’’.

Every time you look at this deck you can pretty much find something new going on that will make you grin. By far this is one of the best things we have seen on a skateboard in the nearly 4 decades we have been around. Its just so deliciously evil.

We found him! Grominate, the illusive tagger from the group known as Voltron has taken on the challenge of making the best quality boards in North America look the sickest aswell. The Calgary based artist started and continues his craft for the love and passion of it. His cartoon character style is definatily more than just fun and games, if you look at it you will see just how talented this artist really is.

All GROMINATE decks are hand made in the United States using only the best Canadian Maple money can buy. The manufacturing of these boards are of such high quality that the worlds top pro’s have their decks made by them. Not only are these boards stronger, but they have an exclusive technology designed to make the board last longer not found on any other street or transition deck.

CalStreets Skates Ghetto Bird Header Vancouver Canada

Remember the 90s when we had slick decks? These are the slicks re-invented. No longer are slicks a plastic sheet that can peel off on the bottom, these are so thin and tight fitting to the board you wont even notice its there, of course other than when your sliding. The texture of the slick itself will give skaters the smooth consistent slide to help master any ledge or rail trick.

1200 DPI graphics is up to 4 times higher than any other deck currently on the market using the standard heat transfer method. With 100% skater input into carefully thought out shapes and designs, these are by far the wave of the future.  

  • 14” WheelBase
  • 8.0′ Width
  • Tappered Nose and Tail
  • 1200 DPI Slick Bottom
  • Canadian Artist Grominator
  • 7 Ply Canadian Maple
  • Handmade in The United States

CalStreets Adam Destroying Queensborough Skatepark !

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 10 × 5 cm