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CalStreets Freestyle Fever Skate Dept Canada online Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver

From Nose to Tail: Unveiling the Secrets of Freestyle Skateboard Decks

Get ready to dive into the bizzaro world of freestyle skateboarding decks, where every shape and size is as unique as a fingerprint!  DEFINE FREESTYLE: Freestyle skateboarding is a style of skateboarding focused on creativity and expression through a diverse range of tricks performed on flat ground or in skate parks. Freestylers showcase their individuality […]

Tech Deck Fingerboards Blade Fingerboard Shop Canada Pickup Vancouver CalStreets

“The Rise, Grind, and Reign of Tech Decks: A Miniature Skateboarding Empire”

Tech Decks, those diminutive yet dynamic finger skateboards, have etched themselves into the annals of popular culture since their inception. Emerging onto the scene in the late 1990s, these miniature marvels swiftly captured the hearts and imaginations of individuals spanning generations, becoming emblematic of a burgeoning fascination with scaled-down skateboarding. What distinguishes Tech Deck from […]

Powell Bones Reds Bearings Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver

“Behind the Scenes: The Making of Bones REDS®- A Skater’s Bearing Come True”

George Powell is a luminary in the skateboarding world, celebrated for his groundbreaking work in bearing technology. As the mastermind behind Powell Bearings, he revolutionized the skateboarding experience with his innovative designs and unwavering commitment to excellence. Powell’s bearings are renowned for their unparalleled speed, durability, and precision engineering, setting the gold standard for the […]

Antihero Skateboards GrimpleStix Canada Vancouver

Unsung Heroes of Skateboarding: Honoring Independent Shops on Skate Shop Day

Skate Shop Day, established in 2020 by Scotty Coats and Chris Nieratko, stands as an annual celebration that resonates deeply within the skateboarding community. Inspired by the success and spirit of Record Shop Day, this initiative aims to shine a spotlight on the pivotal role played by independent skate shops worldwide. More than just a […]

AntiHero Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pick Up


The Huffer is not merely a skateboard; it is a manifestation of the profound cultural significance and enduring legacy of skateboarding, epitomizing the spirit of rebellion, camaraderie, and authenticity that defines Antihero Skateboards. Inspired by the groundbreaking work of John Cardiel, whose meteoric rise to prominence in the early 1990s reshaped the landscape of skateboarding, […]

Carver Mini Surf Skates Zapp Canada Pickup Surf Skate City Vancouver

Mini Surfskate Magic: Introducing the 80s-Inspired Carver Zapp Series

Carver’s latest Mini Surfskates are like a radical flashback to the ’80s, but with a modern twist. Imagine a skateboard and a time machine had a baby – that’s the Zapp Series for you. Inspired by the bold fluorescent color fades and sharp angles of 1980’s surfboard graphics, these boards are so bright and energetic, […]

Road Rider 6 NOS Wheels on Display at CalStreets Vancouver BC Skateboard History

From Clay to Urethane: Unearthing the Road Rider Wheels Legacy

ON DISPLAY AT CALSTREETS VANCOUVER: In 1975, Road Rider 6’s stood as the crown jewel among the Road Rider Wheel family, which also included the 2’s and 4’s. These particular wheels, poured with care in ’75, were meticulously boxed, wrapped, and packed, only to be forgotten until this moment in time. Now, the exciting news […]

Crete St. Obstacle Blade Fingerboard Park Canada, Pickup only Vancouver

Grindin’ Through History at Ave Green Bench

The Ave Green Bench boasts a rich skateboarding history, from featuring in your favorite videos to sparking an east coast rivalry. This bench has a story that’s as legendary as it gets. Originally installed as a pair at an office building in Santa Ana, California, the green curved bench swiftly found its way to a […]

Pokemon Santacruz Blind Bag Canada Pickup Vancouver CalStreets

Unlocking the Power of Pokémon: The Ultimate Collaboration with Santa Cruz Skateboards

This September we gear up for a special collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Santa Cruz skateboards. The Pokémon community hasn’t seen a collection this sparkly since the legendary collection. Both brands starting from humble beginnings to rise up to their respective positions in the pantheon of human culture. The Pokémon company / GameFreak founded […]

Pokemon SantaCruz Decks CalStreets Reissue Dept Release 2023 Canada

Pokémon x Santa Cruz X Blind Bag Decks GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL! ™

Limited to 5 decks per customer. Hey all you skate shredders and fellow Pokémon fanatics! Get ready to drop in on some gnarly news! Check this out: we’re stoked to unveil an ultra-rare mashup that’s gonna blow your minds! It’s time to channel your inner Pokémon Master and ride with style! Hold onto your decks, […]

Spike the CalStreets Skateboard Kitty @CalStreets Vancouver

Spike’s Legacy: A Look Back at the Feline Face of CalStreets

In cherished memory of my beloved feline companion, Spike. A stalwart presence in our lives for an impressive 21 years, she etched her place deep within our hearts. Cloaked in the elegance of a Black Tuxedo Cat, Spike wandered the avenues of Lonsdale as if the streets were an extension of her kingdom. Her confident […]

Savage Skateboard School Vancouver Kitislano Canada Meet at CalStreets

Savage Skateboard School Vancouver

Get ready Vancouver! Welcome to the world of Savage Skateboard School, where we’re all about bridging the gap between newcomers and the OG skaters, and creating a seriously rad space to learn, grow, and just have fun. We’ve taken our time to find the the best skateparks where your first ride will be smooth as […]

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