Canadian Rider Summerboard Review Stephen Stehr-So


Author: Stephen Stehr-So – Dept Head ESK8 GARAGE:  It’s difficult to describe the feeling of snowboarding. I remember my first time snowboarding on the slopes. I had been an avid skier for almost 7 years, and although I had also been longboarding for 5 year I had never really considered snowboarding. 2 years ago, my […]

Carver Skateboards Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

What CARVER Trucks are right for me? C7 VS CX

CARVER COMPLETES | CARVER TRUCKS | CARVER WHEELS | CARVER DECKS | CARVER PARTS What CARVER Trucks are right for me? What’s the difference between the C7 and the CX? The C7 is Carver’s signature surfskate front truck, and it features an incredible amount of pump and turning radius. It has a spring loaded swing […]

East Van Chopcycle Canada Online Sales VancouverEast Van Chopcyle Canada Online Sales Vancouver

Snoop Dogg’s E-Bike by Eli Varzari

SNOOP DOGG’S E-Bike by East Van Chopcycle Gold Plated Handmade 2000 Watts Electric System. 1 OF 1 CUSTOM E-BIKE BUILT FOR SNOOP DOGG. CHECK IT OUT IN HIS MUSIC VIDEO ONE BLOOD, ONE CUZZ. Previous Next BOARDER.LABS AND EASTVAN CHOPCYCLE JOIN FORCES THIS SUMMER FOR AN EXCLUSIVE COLLAB! At Eastvan Chopcycle we build custom electric bicycles. […]

Olek CalStreets Cheap blanks review Vancouver Canada

Olek: Favorite Setup

olek @ Calstreets Favorite Setup Olek Khrystoyev: I am 16 years old and have been skating since age 10. Skateboarding has always been my passion and there’s nothing more I love then going out skateboarding with my friends and learning new tricks. Currently I work at CalStreets skateshop in Vancouver. Aside from skating another couple […]

LONGBOARD THERAPY - A Relational Utilization of the Mind-Body Connection

LONGBOARD THERAPY – A Relational Utilization of the Mind-Body Connection

A few years ago I developed a therapeutic intervention called Longboard Therapy. Since first coming up with the approach, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and speaking with many amazing, dynamic individuals in the longboarding world. Their passion for the sport is real, genuine, welcoming and full of stoke! But it isn’t just the physical […]

Amanda Powell Interview

Amanda Powell: Balance of Power

Amanda is a good friend of mine, as well as my teammate. Amanda is always a happy and positive person to be around. She’s a beautiful girl, but knows how to kick it with the guys! She is truly multi-talented, whether it’s skateboarding, surfing, or snowboarding; Amanda is passionate about what she does and an […]

Longboarding for Peace Houstin BoraderLabs HQ

Houston: Longboarding for Peace

While most of the longboarding nation was buried in snow and ice, only dreaming of the spring when they could get their longboards out, Houston was balmy and the race scene was as hot as usual.  The NoBull Longboarding Team hosted its first “Battle For Peace” race. The race format was typical full contact Texas […]

randall-keep-on-truckin-concrete wave

Interview: Randal Keep On Truckin’

Hard to believe that the Randal reverse-kingpin truck is now over four decades old. We had a chance to meet up with Jim Ball and his son Steven of Sure-Grip to catch up on things. Look for the Randal RIII truck hitting shops now. For those who don’t know the history of Randal, can you give […]


RDVX Can’t Be Stopped!

This past February, I was sent to California to photograph the first RDVX film tour. I was super excited  about this assignment as it would be the first time I was going to Cali to shoot, even though I knew most of the spots we would be visiting had been photographed many times. Before leaving […]


The aSymmetry Project – Skateart Exhibition

The aSymmetry Project sets out to merge the worlds of art and skateboarding.  This is a grassroots project where artists from all walks of life, with different styles and methods create unique, one of a kind works of art using skate decks as their canvas. Each artist is then paired with a skater who brings […]

Women's Gear Guide - Why Your Deck May Not Fit You

Women’s Gear Guide Why Your Deck May Not Fit You

Decks are gender-neutral. Guy, girl or however you define yourself – it doesn’t matter. What matters for slalom decks is your shoe size, your height and the course. It is common not only for myself, but for most upper-level racers to bring between two and four boards to a race. Board width is a balancing […]


The Guajataca Downhill in Puerto Rico

The Guajataca Downhill in Puerto Rico has a rich history and is about to hit its 10th anniversary this January. Concrete Wave is proud to be a media sponsor of this event and encourage you head out to the sun of PR. We will be featuring a story about the event in our November issue, […]

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