Blade Fingerboard Park Vancouver @ CalStreets

Why do Fingerboard Trucks like BlackRiver Cost so Much?

BRR TRUCKS – WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR PRO FINGERBOARD GEAR. We brought in the latest pro gear from Blackriver Germany. The new trucks  are amazing and the response has been overwhelming. However we were surprised how many fingerboarders were over challenged by the trucks technical structure and new features. Most fingerboarders never had a […]

Loaded Boards Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver


Compared to traditional skateboards, longboard have several subtleties in their design and setups that can drastically change the riding experience from one board to another. With this helpful guide, Loaded is happy to help boil down your options into easily digestible categories to give you the knowledge you need to choose your next ride and […]

Buy Onewheel Bumpers Plus + XR Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup


DOES IT COME WITH A WARRANTY? Yup! We warrant that Onewheel+ will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months. More information regarding our warranty can be found at IS THE BATTERY SAFE? We don’t compromise when it comes to performance or safety. We source high quality components, […]



SANTA CRUZ | SIMS | POWELL | BLOCKHEAD | VISION | SCHMITT | HOSOI | ALVA | BRAND-X | DOGTOWN | ALL RE-ISSUES WHY POWELL REISSUES ARE AWESOME! Who knows how to make an old school re-issue deck better then Powell-Peralta? It’s a good question. Yeah, you could use all the oldschool methods and produce […]

Longboard Dancing Competition 2018

So.. You Can Longboard Dance? Worldcup Longboard Freestyle April 21

So.. You Can Longboard Dance? 2018 Worldcup Longboard Freestyle and Dance (flatland disciplines) 6th edition APRIL 21st and 22nd 2018 Klokgebouw Eindhoven The Netherlands competitions. Entry is free for spectators. Bianca Kersten heads up Flow Provider and she is in charge of the event. We contacted her from her home in Spain. For those who […]

Concrete Wave Bud Stratford Interview Everything Skateboarding

Interview with Bud Stratford – Concrete Wave Magazine

A few things you should know about Bud Stratford. He’s known to have gulped over 10 Cokes a day. He smokes clove cigarettes. And Bud loves skateboarding and has done so for over 30 years. He also is a prolific writer and influential thinker within skateboarding. He’s been part of CW for over a decade […]

Mellow Drives Carver Trucks Compatible Buy Online Canada

Why you Absolutely need to own a Carver Skate this Summer.

Enjoy a sneak peek of our latest video, releasing next week on Tuesday, 2/27. Once we release (make the video Public) on Tuesday, please help us to share and promote on your channels! Ten-year-old Carver Japan Team Rider, Guy Tokuda, knows how to have fun. When in LA for surf training, he dropped by the […]

concrete wave magazine kona skatepark hits 40 years


I first learned about the Kona Skatepark in the pages of SkateBoarder magazine back in the spring of 1977. I was mesmerized by the flowing lines of red, white and blue. The snake run looked positively insane. It would take over 38 years for me to actually set foot in the place. Your first time […]

The World Round-Up Concrete Wave Magazine November 2017

The World Freestyle Round-Up

This was year number six for one of the most awesome skateboard events that exists today, the World Round-Up freestyle skateboard championship, which only gets better each year. Bringing over 60 of the world’s best freestyle skaters from 13 countries to one venue in Canada is an equation for success on its own. But when […]


Best Skateboards for Travel – What to Bring When Globetrotting

This one goes out to the globetrotters and frequent flyers out there, core skaters that know the hassles of bringing a board along on their travels. Getting your board through check-in, the security check point, and passed the flight attendant when boarding often comes with a disdainful eye, one that often results in inflated baggage […]

Cheap Electric Skateboards Feature

The Case Against Cheap Electric Skateboards – You Get What You Pay For

Every month, a wave of future e-skaters punch “cheap electric skateboards” into Google in the hopes of uncovering a killer deal that will have them riding uphill into the sunset with a full wallet to boot. We hope they’re wearing helmets because if they add-to-cart and click-to-purchase they’ll come rolling back down that literal and […]

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