Buy Cobra Onewheel Grip Concave Footpad Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupONEWHEEL COBRA FOOTPAD: Seriously, this deep concave pad is the stuff that Onewheel dreams are made of… Locking in your rear foot adds a level of control that is unmatched on any terrain. I tend to hit the trails more than the flats but I do live in the mountains of WV after all. Heck, due to my own sloppy placement of some griptape on my beta test cobra pad, I recently rode the cobra pad with no griptape at all and it still handled my WV trails like a dream.

Months of rough riding with no issues. Gnarly roots and dirty berms? No problem. Can’t thank Jeremy Gavin and owarmor enough for making my Onewheel experience that much better. Appreciate all you do for this OW community, bro!

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