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1754 West 4th Ave., Vancouver BC Canada

Rick Tetz Robson Square MARK GilmorePhoto DoubleKickflip

Rick Tetz Freestyle (Team Sims) Footage Found: Yikes! Circa 1979 – 80

Rick Tetz Sponsors: Vans, Gullwing, Sims, Rector, and Hobie. Slightly embarrassed by the music genre of the time, but here it is, Rick Tetz free-styling. Videos shot at Kitsilano Beach, Kits School, English Bay, and Lynn Valley Mall. North Vancouver circa 1979-80. These were taken from a 30 year old VHS tape, audio drops and […]


CalStreets Photo History & Friends

92 Lonsdale architect concept CalStreets 92 Lonsdale Penthouse Nightclub addtion. Skater Owned and Operated! Transworld Ad. CalStreets Al Hoffman, Kelly Alm, Patrick Hunt, Rick Tetz. Moved 1 Block UP! New CalStreets 5 Times Bigger over 3500 square feet of snowboards, skateboards, and surfwear. Cal Streets Industries – Retail – Model with Penthouse and Nightclub addition.   […]


Artist: Mike Nielsen – Concrete Wave Magazine.

The latest issue of Concrete Wave Magazine has arrived at Longboarder Labs. This issue features Artist Mike Nielsen who is the mind behind Dr Gnar! In this issue of Concrete Wave… Company Profile: Seven Suns, Open: Longboard Girls Crew skate Israel , Vietnom Scene Report, and a guide to going fast, and many more. Come […]


Skateboard Pets Galleries

WWW.SKATEBOARDPETS.COM An interesting pattern emerges when you see the top skateboard shops and manufacturers all have great pet mascots. Skateboard Pets is here to give credit to the unsung heroes of our industry. The skateboard pets under our desks, behind the counters, and under the workbench. These companions make our day to day work bearable. […]


Vision Street Wear Vancouver

Vision Street Wear has a long history in skateboarding ever since it’s beginning in 1976. Vision was the first brand to understand the natural connection between music and skate culture. It put on a number of music and skate events including the Vision Skate Escape featuring Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi and the Red Hot Chili […]


Skate House Media

We have some nice skate house media stickers at the store ! Available in 3 different sizes . Support this website and the community world wide .



Armed Robbery Interview: August 2, 1990  1825 Hours – 2020 Hours Interview with: Dan R. Suspect was caught and jailed! RCMP INTERVIEWER: Serious Crimes Unit, Skateboard shop Armed Robbery. This is the statement of the Manager of California Streets, North Vancouver, B.C., regarding the armed robbery at California Streets, 92 Lonsdale N.Vancouver. RCMP: Q Dan, […]

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