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Oneline Preorder Santa Cruz X Pokémon Blind Bag Mystery series Pickup CalStreets Vancouver

Santa Cruz X Pokémon Blind Bag Mystery Series Canada Online Sales Vanocuver PickupPokemon Santacruz Blind Bag Canada Pickup Vancouver CalStreetsSanta Cruz X Pokémon Blind Bag Mystery Series Canada Online Sales Vanocuver PickupLimited to 5 decks per customer.

Hey all you skate shredders and fellow Pokémon fanatics! Get ready to drop in on some gnarly news! Check this out: we’re stoked to unveil an ultra-rare mashup that’s gonna blow your minds! It’s time to channel your inner Pokémon Master and ride with style!

Hold onto your decks, because we’ve got the ultimate Santa Cruz X Pokémon Blind Bags on deck!

These bad boys are sealed up tight, and inside each one, you’ll find a sick 8? x 31.6? skateboard that’s been randomly jazzed up with an iconic Pokémon character. I’m talking about the ultimate crossover, my dudes – it’s like catching a Charizard while carving a halfpipe!

Oh, but that’s not all! Prepare to have your minds blown by the shimmering awesomeness of these decks.

We’ve got 15 holo variants that are so dang rare, each sporting a different Pokémon character drenched in a silver prismatic rainbow glitter foil and slick silver metallic paint. It’s like your deck is part of the Pokémon Rainbow Badge quest, and you’re about to claim that victory!

But wait, there’s more, and it’s pure gold – literally! We’ve cranked up the awesomeness with 5 special gold foil edition decks.

These babies are decked out with black and metallic gold ink, all laid over shimmering metallic gold foil. And yeah, you better believe they come with the character’s signature decktops. That’s like riding on a golden Rayquaza, my friends! Wrap your heads around this: you’re looking at a whopping 20 different ways to roll with this epic collab.

And trust me, these decks are gonna go faster than a Rapidash on fire, so don’t snooze, my fellow collectors! It’s time to rock these limited-edition Santa Cruz X Pokémon skateboard decks like the true gym leader you’re destined to be.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your decks, hit the streets, and let the Pokémon battles begin – on wheels! Gotta shred ’em all! ?????? PLEASE NOTE: Each special gold foil edition variants are limited worldwide to 50 decks. Each order will receive a blind bag at random!

Santa Cruz X Pokémon Blind Bag Mystery Series Canada Online Sales Vanocuver Pickup

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Pokemon Santacruz Blind Bag Canada Pickup Vancouver CalStreets

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Almost (47)
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Atlas (18)
Bear (37)
Bones (140)
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