CalStreets REISSUE DEPT: While not everyone may appreciate reissue skateboard decks, they do offer several advantages. Firstly, they are brand new and untouched, never having been set up, ridden, or worn out. Acquiring them is generally easier than obtaining an original (OG) deck, and historically, they have been more affordable, although that trend is changing.

The introduction of new colorways breathes life into awesome graphics. For those of us who rode our decks into the ground during the 80s and 90s, reissue decks provide an opportunity to start fresh with a new ride. Additionally, they can be displayed as nostalgic wall decorations, offering a quick trip down memory lane without the arduous task of finding reasonably priced, new old stock (NOS) OG decks. With reissues, you can finally set up that dream deck just the way you imagined, without relying on your parents to fund your skateboarding adventures.