Dogtown Stickers

Dogtown Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupDogtown Stickers – Your Gateway to the Birthplace of Skateboarding Rebellion!

Join us on an epic journey back to the early 1970s, where Dogtown, the Mecca of progressive skateboarding, emerged from the vibrant streets of Santa Monica/Venice, California. 

Today, after an impressive 38 years of unwavering dedication, Dogtown Skateboards remains the beating heart of hardcore skateboarding.

We stand tall, bearing the banner of originality and relentless passion for the sport we adore.

Embrace the history, celebrate the originality, and ride with us as we proudly declare: “Our only Crime is Being Original” – Dogtown Skateboards, the true pioneers of skateboarding culture. Get your Dogtown Stickers today and be a part of the revolution!

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results