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Thank You Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup“Torey Pudwill and Daewon Song, renowned figures in the skateboarding world, have joined forces to create Thank You, a brand that’s a testament to their journey in skateboarding. Torey shares, ‘Starting Thank You with Daewon is a dream come true. It’s our tribute to the skateboarding community that’s given us so much.’ This bold move, leaving established names like Plan B, reflects their commitment to following their dreams. Torey adds, ‘Skateboarding teaches you to follow your gut. With Thank You, we’re doing just that, embracing the craziness and passion that define our sport.'”

When questioned about his bold decision to leave Plan B, a brand synonymous with skateboarding legend Danny Way, Torey’s response encapsulates the spirit of a true skateboarder. ‘Yes, leaving Plan B was a big move, but skateboarding is about embracing that kind of craziness.  You never truly know the potential of your dreams until you take that leap of faith.  It’s about taking risks, following our hearts, and contributing something unique.'”

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