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Acid Type A Salt Wheels 55mm 99a White


Acid Type A Salt wheels come in nice conical shape with top quality materials to make your ride lasting and consistent! Salt wheels are ideal for street or park skating!

These Acid skateboard wheels come in 55mm and 99a. Overall, they are perfect for slides, gaps, manuals, transition and more!

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Acid Type A Salt wheels are ready to take on a challenge and let your tricks progress!

These wheels will take on duty of rolling and sliding through the park, they will hit any obstacle smoothly and predictably.

These street/park Acid skateboard wheels come in size and shape of 55mm and 99a. Overall, Acid Type A Salt wheels are perfect to set up on a skateboard for both beginners and advanced riders! These wheels come in plain white color with minimal graphic.

These are the modern shape conical wheels that are hard and smooth. This shape is great for grinds due to reduced drag, while keeping the wheel lightweight and durable. 

Acid Type A Salt wheels demolish any street spot, they will make you want to powerslide all day!


  • Diameter: 55mm
  • Durometer: 99a
  • White 
  • Flatspot resistant
  • Type A formula
  • Designed for street
  • Throwback salt girl design
  • Fit low or high trucks
  • Modern conical shape
  • Side Cuts
  • Deliciously sweet’n’salty!
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Acid Chemical Co Wheel presents… Gannan Gaige’s “Pits” part. While you’re staring at your screen, Gannan is on the hunt for underground pools. In “Pits” he cuts through a ton of underground Northern California secret gems. Get hyped, skate pools!


Acid Chemical Co.

Acid Wheels Chemical Company Canada Pickup VancouverACID Chemical Co. was formed to bring premium quality products and innovative thinking to the urethane market.
PDX ATV Donovan Rice hit’s the crusty streets of Portland, OR on the 55MM/86A Funner Formula Acid “Pods” wheels. Pods cut right through weathered streets, cruise to the bar, or flow perfectly as a filmer for the homies. Designed and functions like a street wheel, but with a little soft give to cut through anything the streets throw in your way.
Manufacturing skateboard wheels in CALIFORNIA
Acid Chemical Co.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 24 × 5 cm

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