Antihero Grimple Stix Glue Complete 31.5″ X 7.75″ Orange


The Antihero Grimple Stix Glue Complete 7.75 orange is just begging to be your next ride!

The crazy cartoon fun design will keep you entertained while you shred your local park! All your friends will want to check out the design!

Significantly, the shape of the board is perfect for beginners, or advanced riders looking for a casual ride.

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Antihero Grimple Stix Canada Pickup VancouverAntihero Grimple Glue Complete Skateboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

Looking for a crazy complete that will shred the skatepark and astound your friends? Then the Antihero Grimple Stix Glue Complete 7.75 orange is for you! Whether you like ripping a bowl or slashing some street, the Anti-Hero Grimple Stix Glue 7.75″ skateboard deck is the way to go.

The mid Level Concave deck is perfect for riders looking for smooth and seamless pop on their flip tricks, while still having enough concave to lock in for some bowl action. Plus, the 2 fuzzy mustachioed monsters debasing the Antihero logo with their own is a cartoonishly fun design!


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Alien rock candy. Cosmic earth dirt.

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