Arbor Axis Flagship Complete 8.375″ x 37″



Now smaller and more nimble! The Arbor Axis 37″ Flagship is a snowboard-inspired drop-through for easy around town cruising, relaxed commutes, and mellow downhill.

Featuring a construction comprised of 7 Ply Canadian Hardrock Maple with a Premium Palisaner Wood Top & Bottom Finish Ply. This complete comes locked and loaded with Paris Reverse 50° 180mm and Arbor Easyrider Series Outlook wheels, for a perfect mix between quick acceleration and roll speed!

NOTE: Trucks mounted on Arbor completes may vary in colour from those shown in photos.

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Arbor Flagship Series Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Arbor Axis Flagship Canada Pickup VancouverParis V2 50 Degree BlackArbor Easyerider Outlook Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Arbor Axis Flagship Complete is a staple within the Arbor line-up and provides an exceptional carving experience and float through your turns!

The Axis deck is constructed from 7 plies of Canadian Hardrock Maple with a premium Palisaner wood top and bottom finish ply.All of Arbor decks are produced using Eco-friendly water-based sanding sealers. This truly makes the Artist Flagship series, another premium line up from Arbor. Certified Arbor Completes are fully assembled skateboards built using select, high-end components that complement the performance and geometry of each shape. Arbor’s certified Completes includes: Arbor Outlook Cruiser Wheels, ABEC 7 Bearings with Spacers, Paris 50° 180mm Trucks and of course a handmade Arbor deck!


These Paris trucks feature strong faced hangers, tough, longer lasting pivot cups, perfected kingpin clearance, a durable powder coat finish, and branded grade 8 kingpins. These have quickly become a favorite for many skaters in freeride and downhill. Paris has developed a truck that is versatile and reliable regardless of the discipline you are skating. The 50 degree baseplate provides the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. All Paris trucks come stock with 90a Divine bushings.


Arbor’s Easyrider Series is designed to give a wide range of performance when cruising and carving. The Outlook is a big, smooth cruiser made from Arbor’s soft Venice Formula that won’t back down when carving at high speeds on questionable surfaces. With an upped width of 44mm for increased stability, but the offset design combined with a round lip profile means you’ll still feel that nice balance between grip and slip.


  • Length: 37″
  • Width: 8.375″
  • Wheelbase: 27.50″
  • Paris 50° 180mm Trucks
  • Truck colour may vary
  • Abec 7 Bearings
  • Arbor Mosh wheels

Arbor Longboards Canada Pickup Vancouver

Downhill made the mountains an authentic part of the wider landscape of skateboarding. Mtn. Pursuits celebrates this alpine venue, and the unique intersection of speed, style, and environment that is downhill skateboarding. In addition, in this installment of Mtn. Pursuits, follow Josh Neuman as he mashes through the European Alps, absolutely destroying every run he encounters. As a result, Josh Neuman is a certified SENDER, his style and technical ability on open and closed roads is unmatched. 



Arbor Skateboards Longboards Canada online Sales Pickup VancouverTo High Places by Narrow Roads. Since ‘95, The Arbor Skateboards has been a growing cooperative of designers, artists and friends, whose shared goal is building ride-able and wearable things from the best stuff possible.
Shortly after launching Arbor, we started repurposing old snowboards into big wheelbase skates that were ideal for bombing hills. This led to the introduction of our skateboard line, and an extension of our sustainability efforts and discussion about its importance to action sports.
Arbor pioneered bio-urethane and expanded our use of recycled materials and responsibly sourced wood and bamboo. Our mission is to build premium lifestyle skateboards, with the smallest environmental footprint.

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