Berlinwood Fingerboards

Berlinwood Fingerboards X-Wide Rasta Complete 33.3mm


Brighten your fingerboard game up with the Berlinwood Fingerboard Rasta Complete, with a simple yet classic graphic!  

This Berlinwood fingerboard complete features a signature 5-ply wood construction and is 100% handmade in Germany. As a result, this fingerboard complete comes ready to roll out of the box with a pair of high quality Blackriver trucks and a set of professional Blackriver “Blank Street” wheels!

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Berlinwood Fingerboards X-Wide Rasta Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupBlackriver Wheels Blank Street Wheels Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Berlinwood Fingerboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Berlinwood Fingerboards X-Wide Rasta 5-ply complete is the ultimate top quality fingerboard from German Berlinwood gurus!

This complete features a Berlinwood deck with a signature 5-ply wood construction and is 100% handmade by professionals in the Blackriver/ Berlinwood workshop in Germany. In addition, the X-Wide provides perfect kicks and a concave that you will love.

We have had the new Berlinwood boards with classic graphics, but that changes now. Berlinwood sat together in the fingerboard kitchen and boiled up the new Berlinwood Series, to combine fresh boards with fresh looks. This fingerboard is a thing of beauty to look at and shred!


Blackriver Trucks feature single axles, so you wont have problems of the axle breaking during use. In addition, they feature a special design and axle length to work with specific wheel systems.

Overall, these high quality fingerboard trucks are handmade in Germany with the highest grade of machinery steel. Realistic construction, fully customizable bushings, and perfect fit with Blackriver Wheels!


The Blackriver Fingerboard Blanks feature the classical street shape and are characterized by a smaller contact surface.

Perfect for anything, whether it’s that crusty local fountain, or your kitchen table, Blackriver has you locked in and ready to roll with the Blackriver Blank Street Wheels in an elegant white colurway!


  • 33.3mm X-Wide shape
  • 5-ply wood construction
  • 100% handmade in Germany
  • Classic and timeless graphic
  • Comes ready to shred out of the box
  • Blackriver Silver Trucks
  • Blackriver “Blank Street” wheels
  • Includes 1 sheet of Riptape
  • Blackriver fingerboard tool included

blackriver fingerboarding ruined my life canadaBlade Fingerboard Park Vancouver Canada

Teamrider Nathan ‘Bevup’ Ko totally destroys our little “Sorry” custom park during this filming session at a old ruin Schwarzenbach.  Cali style meets the German outback.


Berlinwood Fingerboards

Buy Berlinwood Fingerboard Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupUntil now Berlinwood is steadily in progress with its developments. Several generations of fingerboarders from all over the world appreciate and love Berlinwood fingerboards.
Berlinwood fingerboards has several generations of fingerboarders from all over the world appreciate and love Berlinwood fingerboards. Berlinwood fingerboards are made of five wooden plies. Apart from being manufactured by professionals the fingerboards are “100% handmade in Germany“.
For the best possible performance the nose and tail of Berlinwood fingerboards have different lengths and angles like professional skateboards.
Berlinwood Fingerboards

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Dimensions 25 × 12 × 5 cm

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