Black Label

Black Label John Lucero X2 Small Sticker 1.67″ x 3″ Assorted


With an iconic and timeless graphic, this Black Label John Lucero X2 Small sticker will be enjoyed anywhere you place it upon!

As a result, with a 1.67″ width and a 3″ height, it’s the perfect size sticker to make your stuff rad and spice up any object you desire. Slap it on your girlfriend, skateboard or anything you can think of. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand, a random colour for your order will be selected. No colour requests available.

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Black Label Skateboard Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Black Label John Lucero X2 Small Sticker Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupA skater’s recommended choice! This Black Label John Lucero X2 Small Sticker rolls in with dimensions of a 1.67″ width and a 3″ length. It is ready to add life to any object you so place this sticker on with assorted colourways!

This Black Label John Lucero X2 Small Sticker features a timeless graphic, and will perfectly go with anything you choose to put it on, whether that’s a fridge, deck, bumper, or anything in between!

Due to high demand, no colour requests are available.

CalStreets has been a Vancouver destination for stickers for over 40 years, and now with over 25 feet of sticker showcase we have thousands of stickers in stock.

Not only do we have an amazing collection of skate stickers we also stock NOS (New Old Stock) from the ’70s and ’80s. It’s time to set yourself up for success and becoming the legend you’re destined to be.


Black Label Grosso Broken Heart Sticker Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Jake Reuter’s new part from Black Label Skateboards Filmed and Edited by Ryan Maddox.


Black Label

Black Label Skateboards Never Forget Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver CalStreetsBlack Label Skateboards is a renowned manufacturer of skateboards, wheels, and related products. The company was established in 1988 by John Lucero, an 80's professional skateboarder, artist, current owner, and lifelong skateboarding enthusiast. Over the course of more than 20 years, Black Label has been proud to represent some of the most exceptional skateboarders in the industry. Their roster includes renowned names like John Cardiel, Gino Iannucci, Jason Adams, Matt Hensley, Salman Agah, Wade Speyer, Ragdoll, Duane Peters, Jeff Grosso, Mike Vallely, and many others. This impressive list speaks to the brand's commitment to showcasing top-tier talent. Throughout its history, Black Label has remained dedicated to staying true to its roots and maintaining its authenticity within the skateboarding community. The brand embodies the ethos of "Never be bought, never be sold," emphasizing its unwavering commitment to its core values and vision in the skateboarding world.
Black Label

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