Miniwhees stand out as a pinnacle of fingerboarding ingenuity, boasting meticulous craftsmanship from Germany and a design that pays homage to the 90’s era. Despite their diminutive 6.5mm diameter, they excel in providing stability and control, ideal for conquering the challenges of urban fingerboarding landscapes.

Their seamless compatibility with Blackriver Trucks ensures a harmonious setup, maximizing performance on every ride. Yet, Miniwhees represent more than just mere components; they serve as a testament to the vibrant fingerboarding community, embodying the dedication and spirit of enthusiasts worldwide.

By choosing Miniwhees, you’re not just acquiring wheels; you’re immersing yourself in a culture, where precision, style, and camaraderie intersect to elevate the fingerboarding experience to new heights.



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If you’re a fingerboarding enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the ingenuity behind Miniwhees. These wheels may be small, with a diameter of only 6.5mm, but they pack a punch in terms of performance and style. Crafted in Germany with meticulous attention to detail, they embody the essence of precision engineering. The 90’s-inspired design adds a nostalgic flair to your setup, evoking memories of an era when fingerboarding was taking its first steps into the spotlight.

What sets Miniwhees apart is not just their size, but their commitment to providing an authentic fingerboarding experience. By lowering the center of gravity, they enhance stability and control, particularly suited for navigating the urban landscape of street fingerboarding. And with no print on them, they maintain a clean, minimalist aesthetic, allowing you to focus solely on the ride.

But Miniwhees aren’t just about looks – they’re engineered for optimal performance. Designed to work seamlessly with Blackriver Trucks, they ensure a perfect fit that maximizes your riding pleasure. Whether you’re executing tricks or cruising through obstacles, these wheels deliver a smooth and responsive ride that’s second to none.

Moreover, Miniwhees represent more than just a product – they embody a community and a culture. Handmade by fingerboarders for fingerboarders, they symbolize the passion and dedication of those who have helped shape the scene.

So, if you’re in search of wheels that offer both performance and personality, look no further than Miniwhees. Elevate your fingerboarding experience with these German-engineered marvels and discover a whole new level of precision, control, and style.


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