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Blade Griptape Maintenance Package 5 Foam Grip BLACK + 1 File + Stickers


PACKAGE DEAL FOAM GRIP MAINTENANCE 5 PACK: The Blade Park Foam Tape will securely stick to your fingers, yet break loose when flicking those 360 flips! The foam tape gives you just the right amount of flick while not being too thick so you still have maximum board feel.

  • INCLUDES 5 FOAM GRIP (12.50 Value)
  • INCLUDES GRIP FILE (1.50 Value)
  • INCLUDES STICKERS (4.00 Value)


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PACKAGE DEAL FOAM GRIP MAINTENANCE 5 PACK: Fingerboard foam tape is the new standard for your beloved deck. It is pleasant to touch, it grips just right, and it withstands even the most intensive daily use. The Blade Park tape comes solid so you can concentrate on your tricks, not the design. With this foam the flick stays predictable and balanced day after day. The tape is quite thin so you never have to worry about loss of board feel. Its flexibility allows a great fit to the board.

Blade Foam Fingerboard Grip Maintenance Package Vancouver

By upgrading from the regular grip tape we’ve all seen on Tech Decks you will be able to do your tricks higher with better consistency. The application is easy, all that’s needed is a nail file or a pair of scissors. You can make holes for your hardware, or simply put the tape right on top of the bolts for the smoothest surface.


  • INCLUDES 5 FOAM GRIP (12.50 Value)
  • INCLUDES GRIP FILE (1.50 Value)
  • INCLUDES STICKERS (4.00 Value)
  • Large cut surface to fit any deck
  • Durable, and long lasting
  • Peel and apply application
  • 35mm width X 109mm length
  • Solid black design

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Blade Fingerboard Pro Shop BLADE FINGERBOARD PARK & PROSHOP  Blade Pro Shop has been organizing the Fingerjam contest at their pro park since 2015, making it a must-have for fingerboard enthusiasts. Make your ramps and obstacles stand out while sending good vibes to our late skate kitty Blade.  Fingerjam needed to happen. But unlike other events / contests, this one was going to be for all the locals who have only ever had the chance to view them from behind a computer. Fingerjam is an event like no other. Edgy and more intense, while still a relaxing fun time. Our unique contest style of the first event is going to take the top 4 participants with the best runs and have a mini tournament with head to head skate games. BLADE FINGERBOARD PROSHOP / PARK For the skater whose exhausted from a long day of riding, but can't get the sick tricks out of their head! Great for visualizing tricks or just having fun/killing time. Though tiny, they are super durable to handle even the gnarliest of finger flips and grinds.
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