Boarder Labs

BOARDER LABS Vinyl Die Cut Sticker 5″ x 2″


It’s time to get rad! Or make your stuff rad. Stick it on your board, car, fridge or anything you can think of! The Boarder Labs Sticker will have it looking fresh and stylish.

We have released a few colorways for this particular sticker so you are able to choose the one that suits you the best. Don’t worry we have a pretty good sense of style and know what’s in right now. We will choose the most coolest and stylish color for you, with our great fashion expertice.

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  • Skate Everything!
  • Established 1978
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Boarder Labs Electric Longboard Sticker Header Brandon

Now Boarder Labs E-Bolt Electric Skateshop StickerE-BOLT stickers in GLITTER, PLUSH PINK, NAVY and GRAPE yes it's time to get rad!available! The LATEST Boarder Labs DIE CUT. We have a large variety of different colorways in this sticker, for you to match up and choose the best one to suit your brand new setup.

We are proud to announce our new 2017 Boarder Labs Sticker Decals by Burn Bros. This Boarder Labs Sticker is ready to bring some life to any spot you ride at or any object you own. Stick them on your cat! (Don’t actually do that, poor cat) Seriously though, this sticker will change your life – forever. Thanks to the quality workmanship of Burns Bros our local sk8 accessory supplier.

Stick em up high, stick em down low! These stickers will make anything look cool! They work best on flat and dry surfaces. If you manage to peel one underwater and attach it something, let us know. If there is more than one colour shown, pray to the skate gods as we are the ones selecting it. Or that pesky Jim.

  • Approx 5″ x 2″
  • Stick it on dry surfaces
  • Make anything cooler
  • Sold as single
  • Random colour selection
  • May very slightly in size

Come on down to Boarder Labs and CalStreets Skateshop and check out our amazing collection of stickers we have to offer for purchase, including some special Boarder Labs and CalStreets decals. We have a large variety of stickers, from vintage brands to the newest brands emerging from today; we got it all covered.



Boarder Labs

Boarder Labs Electric Longboard Sticker Header Brandon

Boarder Labs

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm