Caliber TKP Street Trucks 8” Black


Do you have a 7.75”-8.25” board that needs some killer new trucks? Let me be the one to introduce you to the technologically advanced Standard Black Caliber Trucks. Yeah, after destroying the competition in the longboard game, Caliber decided to to reinvent the street truck aswell!

With Ultra High Rebound Blood Orange 92A Bushings, inner hanger collarbone, expanded bushing seat and many other improvements, you will wonder where these trucks have been all your life. Made in the states in house so you know they are tough and something different that your not going to get with any other brand!

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Caliber Black Street Trucks 8.0'' Vancouver CanadaWithCaliber Black Street Trucks 8.0'' Vancouver1000x1000-Caliber-Standard-Specifications reverse kingpin technology these Caliber trucks will… Wait a second! These are street trucks! Caliber is now killing it in the streets? Darn right they are! The Caliber Standard Trucks will have you ripping more terrain then just plain ol downhill. Finally a Caliber you can do feeble grinds on. Afterall, this is the CalStreets side of the shop.

These may be from a brand that has dominated the longboard scene but rest assured they are definitely no cash grab! These trucks are the real deal. The Standard features 92a bushings that compete with after market bushings! You can literally turn like a dream as soon as that last nut goes on! The Blood Orange Ultra High Rebound Bushings provide an excellent snappy pop and steady roll while perfecting the hardest street maneuvers.

Caliber’s mission when creating the standard was to make a truck that can truly skate anything. Mission accomplished guys. In fact more then accomplished with features not even seen on other trucks, these are anything but Standard. The bushing seat has been expanded to allow for more choice options if you prefer to ride other bushings, because hey you might prefer softer or stiffer. Caliber knows that everyone has their own taste, so apart from the bushing seat the base plate has been given a whopping 8 holes. Why would anyone want that? Well now you can rock these on your classic 1978-1991 set ups you have kicking in the garage, you can choose to have a shorter or longer wheelbase as well. Great for guys who want more tail or nose, or even who feel they want to tighten their turning radius up.

But how do they grind? Don’t worry about a thing! Caliber Standard trucks have an inner hanger collarbone for faster smoother grinds. Who likes to hang up on grinds? Not me, solution? Caliber. Grind smoother and have sick roll away carves with all the tech in these.

  • 8” Inch – 54mm height.
  • Weight 382G
  • Blood Orange 92A Ultra high Rebound Bushings
  • Expanded bushing seat
  • 8 Holes for adjustable wheelbase
  • Inner Hanger Collarbone
  • For smoother faster grinds.
  • Grade 8 Kingpin for locking into grinds
  • Sold in a set of 2

We sat down with team riders Big Dave, Liam Morgan, and James Kelly to find out what they like about the new Caliber Standards! These three we’re very involved in the development and design process, so we figured there’d nobody better to ask! So kick back and watch these guys shred a backyard pool while they breakdown the new trucks!



Caliber III Trucks Canada pickup VancouverThe Caliber III Trucks are designed to push your riding to the next level. These Caliber trucks are designed to deliver the highest downhill / freeride performance possible. Elevate your riding to new heights with these high performance cast trucks.
Caliber Trucks has set a standard for longboard trucks across the globe.  Caliber Truck Co. is dedicated to creating the highest-quality trucks on the market. A minimalist mentality to the design of their trucks, giving you everything you want and nothing more.
Caliber Trucks are designed to give you the best performance possible in a cast truck. With years of research and development by some of the best skaters in the world, you can rest assured that these trucks are the best they can be.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 cm
Axle Width