Santa Cruz Henry Gartland Sweet Dreams 8.28 x 31.83 Deck Pink Green Skateboard Canada Pickup Vancouver
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Santa Cruz Henry Gartland Sweet Dreams Deck 8.28" x 31.83" Pink/Green $89.95
Madrid Thruster Reissue Canada Pickup Vancouver
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Madrid Thruster REISSUE Deck 9.75" x 29.5" $129.95

CalStreets Krypto Deck Shaped 8.5″ x 32.5″


The CalStreets Krypto deck is over flowing with classic goodness. Original early 80s style art on a 90s style deck. This Graphic has been with CalStreets for decades and for the first time ever is available on a deck. We had to be extra sure this deck deserved such amazing art. Classic looks with tomorrows level of performance.

Give your skateboarding the true edge it deserves. Are you tired of gimmicks? These boards are simply skateboarding done right. Best quality, nothing less. Feel the difference under your feet with a snappier pop, smoother slide and a stronger longer lasting deck.

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CalStreets Skateshop Vancouver Calgary Toronto

CalStreets Skates Custom Painted Griptape Art Vancouver

CAlStreets Skates Krypto Slick Vancouver MontrealBreak out the big pants and small CalStreets Skateshop Vancouver Spike The Cat CanadaCalStreets Slick Bitchin Sticker Canada Pickup VancouverAdam Wiggum Skating Vancouver Waterfront CAlStreets Skates Slickwheels! The CALSTREETS KRYPTO deck is here. This deck is a throwback to when the big pants small wheels era was born but modernized.

This deck has a very usable shape while still maintaining that old school feel. This makes it not only a good board to throw your old 39mm wheels on and bust out pressure flips on, but also a board you can set up with some sick wheels and skate the hell out of it. Not to mention this would make quite the fun little cruiser.

Tricks just feel better on this deck, the pointed nose makes feeble grinds just feel and look that much cooler. The taper of the deck makes it feel that much cooler to catch in the air, and the tail is great for really getting a good stand on your slides and grinds, no toe dragging tail slides on this one!

All CalStreets Skates decks are hand made in the United States using only the best Canadian Maple money can buy. The manufacturing of these boards are of such high quality that the worlds top pro’s have their decks made by them.

Not only are these boards stronger, but they have an exclusive technology designed to make the board last longer not found on any other street or transition deck.

Remember the 90s when we had slick decks? These are the slicks re-invented. No longer are slicks a plastic sheet that can peel off on the bottom, these are so thin and tight fitting to the board you wont even notice its there, of course other than when your sliding.

The texture of the slick itself will give skaters the smooth consistent slide to help master any ledge or rail trick.

Not to mention the resolution on the graphics is up to 4 times higher than any other deck currently on the market using the standard heat transfer method.

With 100% skater input into carefully thought out shapes and designs, these are by far the wave of the future.  

  • 14 3/8th” WheelBase
  • 6.5” Tail
  • 7 1/8th Nose
  • 8.5′ Width
  • 32.5” Long
  • Classic Shape
  • 1200 DPI Slick Bottom
  • 7 Ply Canadian Maple
  • Handmade in The United States

CalStreets Skateshop Lonsdale Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

CalStreets Adam Destroying Queensborough Skatepark !




Al Harrison CalStreets Popsicle Deck Skates flip Vancouver Online Store CanadaCalStreets Bitchin Board Nano Slick - Adam Wiggum SkaterCALSTREETS Skates are exactly what skateboards should be. They take the essence of what skateboarding used to be and bring it back. Quality in shape, design and materials that is unrivaled by any brand.
All CalStreets decks are hand made in the United States using only the best Canadian Maple money can buy. Not only are these boards stronger, but they have an exclusive technology designed to make the board last longer.
When you first pick up the deck you will notice in your hand the rail or edge of the deck has a very consistent and smooth feel. This is the foundation on how amazing board feel is created.
When a board has a very nice edge the skater can not only feel the shape of their board better but be able to flick flip tricks with greater ease.
As prior mentioned, the board feel is absolutely amazing. Along with consistent concaves and kick heights, the CalStreets decks are very carefully thought out. So much so that exact specifications have been tweaked ever so slightly to meet rider demands.
The leverage points on these decks are absolutely spot on. The relationship between truck placement and the dips allows for the best scoop and lock in on all your nose and tail slide variations.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 10 × 5 cm
Skateboard Deck Width