CalStreets Classic 70’s Logo Sticker 5″ x 1.5″


Its time to get rad! Or make your stuff rad. Stick it on your board, car, fridge or anything you can think of! The CalStreets Sticker will have it looking fresh and stylish. We are finally glad to announce you with our very own shop stickers for your enjoyment!

Serving up the best sk8 sticker selection not only on this side of the country but possibly the globe, welcome to the CalStreets Premium Sticker Shop. Rad brands, classic jams, we got it! Make anything look cooler any time. Vintage influence and modern flare, that’s what you get with decades upon decades of experience.

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CalStreets Skates Custom Painted Griptape Art Vancouver

 New 2016 CalStreets Stickers Decals by Burn BrosThis CalStreets skateboard sticker is ready to bring some life to any spot you ride at or any object you own. Stick them on your cat! (Don’t actually do that, poor cat) Seriously though, this sticker will change your life – forever. Thanks to the quality workmanship of Burns Bros our local sk8 accessory supplier.

Stick em up high, stick em down low! These stickers will make anything look cool! They work best on flat and dry surfaces. If you manage to peel one underwater and attach it something, let us know. If there is more than one colour shown, pray to the skate gods as we are the ones selecting it. Or that pesky Milo.

  • Approx 5″ x 1.5″
  • Stick it on dry surfaces
  • Make anything cooler
  • Sold as single – TV NOT INCLUDED
  • Random colour selection
  • New colors every run!
  • May very slightly in size

Come on down to CalStreets! We got tons of stickers in many shapes and sizes, from a variety of skate companies. From vintage skate classics, to the newest companies rising today; we got them all covered! Now with the newest addition of the brand new CalStreets diecut classic logo sticker, you have to make your way down and check them out.




Al Harrison CalStreets Popsicle Deck Skates flip Vancouver Online Store CanadaCalStreets Bitchin Board Nano Slick - Adam Wiggum SkaterCALSTREETS Skates are exactly what skateboards should be. They take the essence of what skateboarding used to be and bring it back. Quality in shape, design and materials that is unrivaled by any brand.
All CalStreets decks are hand made in the United States using only the best Canadian Maple money can buy. Not only are these boards stronger, but they have an exclusive technology designed to make the board last longer.
When you first pick up the deck you will notice in your hand the rail or edge of the deck has a very consistent and smooth feel. This is the foundation on how amazing board feel is created.
When a board has a very nice edge the skater can not only feel the shape of their board better but be able to flick flip tricks with greater ease.
As prior mentioned, the board feel is absolutely amazing. Along with consistent concaves and kick heights, the CalStreets decks are very carefully thought out. So much so that exact specifications have been tweaked ever so slightly to meet rider demands.
The leverage points on these decks are absolutely spot on. The relationship between truck placement and the dips allows for the best scoop and lock in on all your nose and tail slide variations.