Creature Junji8 Sticker 6″ X 2″



Creature Junji8 Sticker 6″ X 2″


No matter where this Creature Junji8 sticker is placed, you will endure classic skate goodness from the skate gods and have an endless amount of style.

Your setup won’t be complete without the Creature Junji8 sticker, its one of the best, it will stick to anything. Your car, your pet, even your friend.

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This Creature Junji8 Sticker is only one of many spooky accessories that Creature has available.  From stickers and pins to mugs and fuzzy car dice, Creature has thought of it all and is ready to share it with you.

You can slap this sticker on your girl/boyfriend, your aunt that you hate’s car, your backpack, the options are endless! No matter where this sticker is placed, you can make sure to show of to the OG’s so that they know not to mess with you .


Behold, Mind-Shattering inescapable fear that just won’t die! Skateboarding is horrifying, and artist Phil Guy (@burritobreath) helps us translate this fact in our new and blatantly named “Horror Feature” series. Yep, 3 new popsicle shapes drenched in “movie theater” horror and pressed individually with our new Cold Press Construction. Giving these decks a unique, consistent feel that’s hard to kill. All this attention to detail makes this series an instant Creature Classic. Grab one and spread some horror on the streets tonight.



Buy Creature Patched Deck Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupWhats up fiends? Check out our Creature sticks and enjoy a little history! Creature Skateboards was started out of NHS in 1994 by SMA team manager Russ Pope. Jason Adams, Barker Barrett and Darren Navarrette were the early riders although Adams left fairly quickly to help Pope start Scarecrow. NHS was forced to put Creature on the shelf in the late 1990s but revived the company in the mid 2000s with Darren Navarette and Lee Charron sharing in the duties of running the team and creative direction of the company.
Creature Skateboards Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

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