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Powell Peralta McGill Skull & Snake Reissue Deck 10'' x 30.125'' NEON GREEN $134.95
RipNDip Nermal Black Skateboard Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver Rip N Dip Lord Nermal 8.25" x 31.25'' Blue Green Deck $89.95
Creature Skateboards

Creature Magic Hands Deck 8″ x 31.8″ Black


From the fiends at Creature Skateboards, here comes the Magic Hands deck! This wood has some tricks up its sleeve for streets and parks! 

Set this new deck up and get ready for crisp pop and Classic Creature Concave. Creature boards will help you dominate your beloved skate spots!

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Creature Fiends Freaks Cody Lockwood Jimmy Wilkins Skateboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

Creature Magic Hands Deck 8 x 31.8 14.37 WB Green Black Yellow Skateboard Canada Pickup VancouverCreature Magic Hands Deck 8 x 31.8 14.37 WB Green Black Yellow Skateboard Canada Pickup VancouverIf you’re looking for a real Creature wizardry under your feet, look no further than this Magic Hands deck! Creature Magic Hands 8″ is the board of choice for not only street, but also transition!

It features a stiff Hard Rock maple and construction you can trust. Creature uses Hard Rock maple for their boards, therefore they have more pop and rigidity.

This professional quality Creature skateboard deck measures 8″ wide x 31.8″ long and will without doubt satisfy the needs of skater of any skill level. It’s rock-solid with tons of pop and ready for your favorite skate spots.

This Creature Magic Hands 8″ skateboard deck has a solid all around shape, designed for a technical street skater or a ripper who prefers a wider skateboard.

Also works great for jumping down big stair sets and gaps! Set this new deck up and get ready for crisp pop and well designed ergonomic concave. As a result you’ll be able to be keeping it pure Creature evil!


  • Length: 31.8″
  • Width: 8″
  • Wheelbase: 14.37″
  • Classic Creature concave/shape
  • 7 ply Hard Rock Maple
  • Artwork on top ply
  • Comes with Creature sticker
  • More here: Creature Fiends

Creature Skateboards Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

Breaking News ☣️ We are experiencing a second wave in cases of Stoke! Kill your quarantine boredom with the GRAVID-20 Coffin Cuts now live on the #CreachTube​! Featuring 20 minutes of socially distant shredding by your favorite fiends David Gravette, Willis Kimbel, Binger and more!! Mask up, keep your distance, and shred safe out there! Creature deck is totally versatile and suitable for street, pool, park and vert. Set this new deck up and get ready for unapologetic shred! As a result you’ll be able to be keeping it pure f#cking evil! Lurk with us!


Creature Skateboards

Creature Skateboards by NHS Online Sales Canada Pickup CalStreets Vancouver CREATURE SKATEBOARDS: Dive into the rad world of Creature Skateboards and catch a glimpse of its epic history. Rewind to 1994, and that's where Creature Skateboards first hit the scene, emerging from the creative minds at NHS. The mastermind behind it? None other than Russ Pope, the same legend who managed the SMA team. The original crew tearing it up on Creature decks included Jason Adams, Barker Barrett, and Darren Navarrette. Adams, though, didn't stick around for long, as he teamed up with Pope to kickstart Scarecrow. This time, it was Navarrette and Lee Charron at the helm, steering the team and injecting fresh, creative vibes into the brand's direction.  
Creature Skateboards

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 85 × 30 × 20 cm
Deck Length

Skateboard Deck Width



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