Creature Ram’s Head Sticker 3.5″ X 4″



Creature Ram’s Head Sticker 3.5″ X 4″


Finally, satanic cults are mainstream! Show your support for Lucifer and make the sacrifice to become a dark lord.  The devil sees all so put this sticker on your stuff and become the anti-christ! 

The devil accepts everyone so don’t delay and join Satan’s army today. Warning: This sticker may summon the Devil while you’re sleeping, so make sure to prepare for his arrival with his favorite snack, small children dipped in dark chocolate.

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  • Established 1978
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Creature Ram Sticker Canada Online Pickup Sales VancouverThis creature sticker is ready to be slapped onto anything! Smack onto your car, skateboard or pancake!

Stick em up high, stick em down low! These stickers will stick to pretty much any flat surface. Don’t stick it on your girlfriend though or she’ll probably dump you.


  • It’ll see into your soul
  • It knows you
  • Stare into the eye
  • You’re under his control now
  • Do his bidding
  • He commands it
  • You cannot escape
  • 3.5″ X 4″

Sick Creature Feature originally from 1996.



Buy Creature Patched Deck Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupWhats up fiends? Check out our Creature sticks and enjoy a little history!
Creature Skateboards was started out of NHS in 1994 by SMA team manager Russ Pope. Jason Adams, Barker Barrett and Darren Navarrette were the early riders although Adams left fairly quickly to help Pope start Scarecrow.
NHS was forced to put Creature on the shelf in the late 1990s but revived the company in the mid 2000s with Darren Navarette and Lee Charron sharing in the duties of running the team and creative direction of the company.

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