Darkroom Omen Deck 8″ x 31.875″ Red



Darkroom Omen Deck 8″ x 31.875″ Red


Riding in is the Darkroom Omen deck that is ready to have you for-see your future with an insane amount of pop and the perfect concave to help with flip tricks!

This deck features a signature 7-ply Maple construction that is built strong and designed to endure the toughest obstacles while withstanding the toughest elements!

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Darkroom Griptape Canada Pickup Vancouver

Darkroom Omen Deck Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Darkroom Omen deck is a lively and sturdy ride for those who are wanting to catch some air!

This professional quality Darkroom deck features a solid shape and a sick artwork. With its featured concave, it is ideal for every skill level, from beginner to pro.

In addition, it is a totally versatile skateboard deck that’s perfect for street, pool, park and vert. With a traditional 7-ply Maple construction, this deck is rock-solid with tons of pop and is ready for technical or hammer tricks!


  • Deck width: 8″
  • Deck length: 31.875″
  • Wheelbase: 14.25″
  • Top stain may vary in colour

Here we are discussing the Trevor McClung’s “Welcome to Artform” part, The Louie Lopez, Jarne Verbruggen’s “Professional Life” Part, Pass~Port Presents “Kitsch”, Pizza Skateboards’ “Chase” Video, Chris Joslin 360 flip El Toro, Daewon Song’s “Love Child” part and much more. Be sure to check the rest of Dakroom’s amazing products here: DARKROOM SKATEBOARDS



Darkroom Griptape Canada Pickup VancouverTruly inspirational artwork by Darkroom.
Darkroom Griptape is so grippy you'll have a hard time stepping off your board.
Formulated with long-lasting glue to provide the best stick, this grip tape is just as functional as it is awesome.
Be sure to measure your board to make sure this piece will fit your skate!

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Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 90 × 35 × 20 cm
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