Dogtown Skateboards

Dogtown Big Boy Deck 9.375″ x 32.675″ Red


Dogtown has been creating brilliant boards since day one. The Dogtown Big Boy deck rocks big dimensions for a serious vertical action! 

Coming straight from PS Stix factory, this Big Boy has a sweet double kick design and a modern concave that will keep you locked on your board. Front wheel wells allow for a loose front truck to carve those bowls.

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Dogtown Skateboards Canada Pickup Vancouver

Dogtown Big Boy Deck 9.375 x 32.675 Red Skateboard Canada Pickup VancouverDogtown Keychain Utility Griptape Knife Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThis Dogtown Big Boy is grown enough to skate transition of any size!

Dogtown has been creating brilliant boards since day one.

This Big Boy deck has a modern concave, a truly large wheelbase, with a versatile double kick design. Perfect for beginners and advanced vertical shredders.

Dogtown Skateboards will have you ripping. This board’s design is based on decades of tranny experiments and progression.

From the dog days in the early 70’s, Dogtown has been at the epicenter for the progression of skateboarding.

Born in Santa Monica California, perhaps one of the most celebrated brands after the release of the Dogtown and Z-Boys documentary.


  • Width: 9.375″
  • Length: 32.675″
  • Wheelbase: 16″
  • Nose: 6.1″
  • Tail: 6.375″
  • Modern pool shape
  • Full concave
  • Front wheel wells
  • Made in Mexico by PS Stix
  • More here: DOGTOWN 

Dogtown Skateboards Canada Pickup Vancouver

Scott Oster, Eric Dressen & Julien Stranger sit along side Jim ‘Red Dog’ Muir to tell all about Dogtown History, the rises and falls between eras. Dogtown has been creating brilliant boards since day one. Consequently they are designed by true skaters, to provide the best quality. In addition, this allows them to create boards which satisfy the demand from riders. Therefore, this is the reason why Dogtown remains at the top of its class. 


Dogtown Skateboards

Dogtown Skateboards Canada for Sale - Pickup VancouverDogtown Skateboards “Our only Crime is Being Original” Dogtown, as a concept, has existed since the early 1970’s. It was the birthplace of progressive skateboarding, Santa Monica/Venice, California. In the celebrated documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, Santa Monica/Venice was a forgotten slum by the sea.
Out of the wreckage of Abbot Kinney’s dream town gone bad, roamed young surfers searching for outlets after the surf got blown out. They found it through an aggressive approach to skateboarding never seen before. Jim Muir, the founder of Dogtown Skateboards, was one of these kids. For 38 years Dogtown Skateboards has been synonymous with hardcore skateboarding.
Dogtown Skateboards

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Dimensions 80 × 30 × 20 cm
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