Dogtown Skateboards

Dogtown Big Foot Pin 1″ x 1.25″ Orange


Flying in just for you is the Dogtown Big Foot Pin! Show off your love with this iconic graphic that’ll surely have heads snapping at the sight of this rad pin!

Pin ’em up high, Pin ’em down low! This Dogtown pin will make anything look cool. They work best on flat and non living surfaces!

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Dogtown Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Dogtown Big Foot Pin Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Dogtown Big Foot Pin will keep you in style and wanting to get down on the dance floor while showing off with this rad pin!

Don’t just sit around. From bland to boisterous, the simple addition of one accessory can give a burst of life to any piece of plain clothing or bag that needs it.

Pin ’em up high, Pin ’em down low! This Dogtown pin will make anything look cool! They work best on flat and non living surfaces. 


Jason Landau rips shreds the Dogtown Skateboards OG Rider Red Dog Skateboard on curbs, hills, banks and walls. Get some.

We have 20 feet of sticker showcase @CalStreets


Dogtown Skateboards

Dogtown Skateboards Canada for Sale - Pickup VancouverDogtown Skateboards “Our only Crime is Being Original” Dogtown, as a concept, has existed since the early 1970’s. It was the birthplace of progressive skateboarding, Santa Monica/Venice, California. In the celebrated documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, Santa Monica/Venice was a forgotten slum by the sea.
Out of the wreckage of Abbot Kinney’s dream town gone bad, roamed young surfers searching for outlets after the surf got blown out. They found it through an aggressive approach to skateboarding never seen before. Jim Muir, the founder of Dogtown Skateboards, was one of these kids. For 38 years Dogtown Skateboards has been synonymous with hardcore skateboarding.
Dogtown Skateboards

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm