DYNAMIC Fingerboards

Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks 34mm Black


Dynamic trucks! The most versatile fingerboard trucks on the market, with the widest variety of colourways and sizes, just what more could you need!

Dynamic is one of the most respected brands in fingerboarding, and manufactured by the legendary Scott B in the USA! With premium methods and materials, nothing feels like a Dynamic truck.

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  • Established 1978
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Introducing the first American made fingerboard truck on the market, Dynamic Trucks! Featuring a precision baseplate, custom hardware, and locknuts, Dynamic Trucks 34mm are ready for anything you throw at them!

Dynamic offers the best value to performance ratio out of any professional fingerboard trucks. A highly refined and top of its class product. Consistent, sleek, and designed by fingerboarders, for fingerboarders. Eliminating the problems with other professional truck brands, Dynamic trucks are here to stay!

With an inverted screw kingpin, these trucks will always offer a smooth grind, with no bolt to hang up on unlike other brands!

Dynamic trucks also have a full axle, going through the hanger to ensure ultimate durability, and the most consistent grinds regardless of whether the trucks are days or years old! It is also designed perfectly to work with your favorite single bearing wheels! Joycult, Dynamic, Blackriver, DYNAMIC FINGERBOARDS CANDA ONLINE PICKUPand more of the top wheel brands are all fully compatible and will be feeling as smooth as possible!

Dynamic has manufactured the perfect bushings and pivot cups to go with the trucks, a medium hardness cone-shape. Of course the special kingpin will work with any of your favorite bushing brands as well! 

Dynamic trucks are perfect for all skill levels, and are designed with quality in mind.

A true fan favorite of fingerboarders, you can’t go wrong with Dynamic trucks.


  • Made in USA
  • Professional grade
  • Compatible with most wheels
  • Width: 34mm
  • Precision baseplate
  • Comes complete with:
    • 1 pair of Dynamic trucks
    • Special locking nuts
    • 8 mounting screws
    • Standard tool

The all new “Dynamic Vision” real-wear graphic deck with 32mm black baseplate Dynamic trucks and bright white 70D urethane wheels!


DYNAMIC Fingerboards

DYNAMIC FINGERBOARDS CANDA ONLINE PICKUPFounded in 2016, the goal of dynamic fingerboards is to continually design and create high end, custom fingerboard goods that bridge the realism gap between fingerboarding and skateboarding. All of the products are carefully designed with materials in mind in order to create the feel of skateboarding at a smaller scale. We are here to push the boundaries of fingerboarding and to create truly unique products that you won't find anywhere else!
DYNAMIC Fingerboards

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Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 cm