Enjoi Tie Dye Youth FP Complete 7.375″ x 30″



Enjoi Tie Dye Youth FP Complete 7.375″ x 30″


Hop back to the 70’s with the Enjoi Tie Dye youth Complete! This board consists of 7 ply Hard Rock maple deck, Tensor Alloy trucks, and Enjoi soft 92a wheels to skate rougher spots! 

With a fun tie dye design and setup geared towards younger riders, this board is perfect for kids wanting to get a new ride!

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Enjoi Tie Dye Panda Canada Pickup VancouverEnjoi Tie Dye Panda Canada Pickup VancouverThe Enjoi Tie Dye Youth FP Complete is perfectly designed for smaller, younger skaters with easy turning and maximum performance. It also has more rigidity, longer lifespan, consistent concave, and better pop.

On top of that, Enjoi and Dwindle Distribution have been partnering with REgrowth program and National Forest Foundation (NFF) and planting 2+ trees for each one they harvest. What can be better than a sustainable skateboard? Try it out for yourself!

This complete rolls on 52mm 99a Enjoi street formula wheels with great grip/slip balance.  Its silver polished Tensor trucks are perfect for beginner riders. These trucks provide a light feel and responsive turning with durable grinding capabilities. Tensor uses the finest metals and manufacturing processes to produce the best quality skateboard truck at its price point.


  • Length: 30″
  • Width: 7.375″
  • Wheelbase: 12.75″
  • Single deck press mold
  • Unique Resin epoxy glue
  • Black griptape
  • Silver 8″ Tensor trucks
  • 52mm 99a wheels 
  • Carbon Steel Speed Bearings
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Enjoi Wonder Rub Griptape Cleaner Canada Online Sales VancouverEnjoi is a skateboarding company that produces skateboard decks as the brand's primary product; the company also manufactures skateboarding accessories and clothing.
Enjoi was founded by Marc Johnson with support from Rodney Mullen in 2000. This fun slightly edgy company loves to be a little on the twisted side. Taking little jabs at skateboarding and the current media, it embraces a light heart and fun attitude.
For the skater who just wants to have fun, or the one who would Enjoi a little bit of a twisted joke, you've found your soulmate.  

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Weight 5.0 kg
Dimensions 170 × 140 × 50 cm

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