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Enjoi X WWE Body Slam Jake the Snake Sticker 4.25″ x 6″


The Enjoi X WWE Jake the Snake Sticker is ready to bite its way onto any object you desire!

Stick em up high, stick em down low. Ready to wrestle its way onto any item you desire to place it on, this sticker will bring life and extra skater or wrestler appeal. The strong adhesive will keep them stuck on pretty much anything!

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Enjoi X WWE Body Slam Series Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Enjoi X WWE Body Slam Jake the Snake Sticker Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupEnjoi X WWE Body Slam Stone Cold Steve Austin Sticker Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe best of both worlds is here thanks to the Enjoi X WWE Body Slam Jake the Snake Sticker!

A skater’s and wrestler’s recommended choice! This Enjoi X WWE Body Slam sticker kicks it with an officially licensed design, a size of 4.25″ wide by 6″ tall, and is ready to add life to any object you desire to place it on!

This rad Body Slam Sticker features a timeless graphic, and will perfectly go with anything you choose to put it on, whether that’s a fridge, deck, bumper, or anything in between. As long as its dry, stick it! Stick em up high, stick em down low!

CalStreets has been a Vancouver destination for stickers for over 40 years, and now with over 25 feet of sticker showcase we have thousands of stickers in stock. Not only do we have an amazing collection of skate stickers we also stock NOS (New Old Stock) from the ’70s and ’80s. It’s time to set yourself up for success and becoming the legend you’re destined to be.


Enjoi X WWE Bodyslam Series Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Enjoi goes to Copenhagen for some tasty beverages!


Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoi Skateboards Canada Sale Online Pickup CalStreets VancouverEnjoi, a distinctive player in the skateboarding industry, specializes in creating high-quality skateboard decks, while also extending its expertise to a variety of skateboarding accessories. Founded in the year 2000 by Marc Johnson, with the invaluable support of skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen, Enjoi has carved out a unique niche for itself. Known for its slightly edgy and playful demeanor, the brand consistently injects a sense of humor into the skateboarding scene, often playfully critiquing skate culture and the mainstream media. This brand stands out for its commitment to not taking itself too seriously, embracing a philosophy that skateboarding is as much about fun and self-expression as it is about skill and sport. Enjoi is the perfect fit for skaters who revel in a bit of irreverence, those who enjoy a clever twist in their skateboarding experience. It's a brand that speaks to the heart of skaters who believe that laughter and a light-hearted approach are integral parts of the skateboarding journey.
Enjoi Skateboards

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