Evolve ALL TERRAIN 7″ Tire Black OEM



Evolve ALL TERRAIN 7″ Tire Black OEM


The Evolve 7″ Tire Black is the perfect way to ensure you have everything needed to keep you rolling smoothly on your Evolve Electric Skateboard. The 7″ inner tube is not included with the purchase of the Evolve 7″ Tire Black and is sold individually!

The GT designation is reserved for the highest performing, pinnacle model of a performance in any vehicle line. Featuring both a street and an off road model Evolve GT is the evolution of electric skateboards.

Live in the moment. Choose your own adventure. Introducing the Evolve GT Series. Where will your GT take you?


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Boarder Labs is a much better place to get stuff then boring labs. Like Evolve Electric skateboards accessories vancouver online shopping canada header

Evolve 7" Tire Black VancouverEvolve 7" Tire Black VancouverWe’ve taken all that we love about pneumatic skateboard tires, and bundled them together to make a tire designed specifically for use with the rigors of the electric skateboard.

Strong sidewalls mean more tire strength at lower pressures, thick hard compound rubber to make them last longer than ever before, and a tread pattern that will give you a smooth ride no matter what path you choose! Compatible with the Evolve 7” Hubs!

Evolve Skateboards produce the highest quality accessories on the market for your electric skateboards. Come on in and check out what else they have to offer!

Evolve not only makes the highest performing electric boards on the market, they also don’t compromise when it comes to replacement parts and additional accessories for your Evolve GT.

Everything from replacement belt drives, tires, inner tubes, wheels, drive gears, decks, belt covers, baseplates, hangars, battery covers, wireless receivers,bearings, bushings, skate tools, remotes and more! Evolve has it all.

If you’re not looking for replacement parts for instance, Evolve also has a wide variety of gear to choose from. Including board covers, skateboard bags, apparel, lights, super fast battery chargers, and safety gear!

  • Thick hard compound rubber
  • Treads to create a smooth ride
  • Compatible with Evolve 7″ Hubs
  • Sold individually!
  • Inner tube not included!

Here is a quick clip of the Evolve 7″ Tire Black on an Evolve Electric Skateboard! Come on down to Boarder Labs and check out these Evolve 7″ Tire Black and the many other accessories we have available for your Evolve Electric Skateboard. You can also book a demo to test ride an Evolve, so you can get the full feel for these beautiful boards.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm