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SK8KING Richy Carrasco 360's / Freestyle Deck 28.8" x 7.875" BLACK $149.95
Blind Papa Banana Reaper Super Sap R7 Deck Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup Blind Papa Banana Reaper Super Sap R7 Deck 8" x 31.7" Blue Foil $89.95

Flip Lance Mountain Crest Deck 9″ x 32.88″ Blue Stain


With a rocking shape and a beautiful royal blue stain, this Flip Lance Mountain Crest deck is a must have!

Lance Mountain’s Flip Crest deck has a refined pool shape that is versatile and ready for street action too. It’s awesomely squared tail and a tapered nose look very proper on this rather long deck. As a result, this board is all around capable with its 14.375″ wheelbase, keeping a sweet spot between stability and response!

In stock

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Flip Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupFlip Lance Mountain Crest Deck Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupFlip Lance Mountain Crest Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Here we have Lance Mountain’s Crest deck by Flip, a modern double kick for technical transition and street. Its medium concave is just enough to keep you locked in, while staying ergonomic and feeling natural.

This board features a tastefully squared tail with a tapered nose, and a medium size 14.375″ wheelbase for versatility.

This Lance Mountain Flip Crest board is a top notch machine for Lance’s fans. Support this original independently running company that makes such rad boards! This board is 9″ X 32.88″, ready for pool and street action. 

Featuring a sick Mr. Mountain designed shape, with classic Flip logo on the top. Maybe a good choice to grip this one with clear grip!


  • Deck width: 9″
  • Deck length: 32.88″
  • Wheelbase: 14.375″
  • Lance Mountain pro deck
  • Modern pool shape
  • Squared tail, tapered nose
  • Flip logo on top
  • 7 ply Canadian maple
  • Stains may vary in color

Flip Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Back in 2009 Lance Mountain set out to make a TV show to pay respect to the generation of skaters from the late 1970’s. Guys like Bobby Valdez and Darrell Miller who didn’t become household names but nonetheless had a huge impact on Lance and skateboarding in general. The show never happened but we found all the footage and decided to cut the story together. Here it is… The Origin of the Love Letters with Lance Mountain – Part 1.



870-Flip-Header Originally Deathbox Skateboards, Flip Skateboards made its North American debut in 1994. The Flip name came to be shortly after Geoff Rowely joined the team. Geoff has stood by Flip even to this day and is currently a co-owner. The company still remains in control of British people and will continue to be for the never ending future of this long standing company. Even when long time rider Arto Saari left, he came back. You can't take the Flip out of a man!  

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 85 × 35 × 20 cm
Deck Length

Skateboard Deck Width