Float Life Stay-A-Float Tire Sealant for Onewheel



Float Life Stay-A-Float Tire Sealant for Onewheel


Upgrading your Onewheel tire can change the game, but only with the right tools!

Stay-A-Float Premium OW Specific Tire Sealant is made in the USA and bottled at the Float Life Shop in Sacramento!

Cooked up in a science lab, Float Life Tire Sealant is ready for your fresh tire!

WARNING: Do not drink!

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Float Life Stay A Float Canada Pickup VancouverRead about all the advantages of Stay-A-Float Tire Sealant.

 Use on Any Onewheel Tire: From a stock Vega, to a Burris treaded, Stay-A-Float is 100% compatible with all OW tires! Plus it won’t clog your valve stem like other thicker sealants. Protects Tire: Seals wounds up to 1/4″ in diameter and inhibits rust and corrosion on your rim and valve stem. Won’t Freeze: Protects tires in temperatures from -40° to 200+°F and won’t freeze or evaporate inside your tire. Extend your tire’s life: It’ll Protect against punctures, flats, blowouts, porosity leaks and tread separation.


Led by Jeff McCosker & Bodhi Harrison, The Float Life Pro Team took off on a journey to create a full length film of pure Onewheel destruction. Each member was tasked with filming a video part and they all killed it! This film is the first of its kind, and first of many! Enjoy the ride and Float on, my friend! 🙂



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Float Life

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Dimensions 100 × 40 × 10 cm

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