Grizzly GGC Wallet


A skater’s dream come true! The Grizzly GGC Wallet will make you happy with its great quality and compact size. It features a 100% faux Suede Leather design with plenty of space for cash and cards, clear ID holder and will leave others envy.

Besides the two large money slots, the GGC wallet features 6 card slots which you can keep your cards and documents separated from each other. Also an exterior coin pouch will keep your miscellaneous items inside. The padded dividers guarantee that the cards are safe from being scratched!

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  • Established 1978
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Buy Grizzly GGC Wallet Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Grizzly GGC Wallet is the best thing to put your money in! This one is for those who came from nothing to something.

The GCC Wallet is made out of durable Faux Suede Leather that makes it light, slim, and durable. It is a simple, but versatile accessory that will hold all your cash and cards while providing a stylish home for your cash, cards and other stowaways!


  • Perfect accessory for any skater
  • Compact and light construction
  • Plenty of room to hold your cash 
  • Material: 100% Faux Suede Leather
  • Features keyring
  • 6 card slots and exterior coin pouch
  • Fits full size bills

Grizzly proudly welcomes Luan Oliveira to the team, Gooooaaaaalllll!!!! Be sure to check out and stay up to date on the latest products from your favorite company here: GRIZZLY GRIPTAPE



Grizzly Skateboard Completes Canada Pickup VancouverGRIZZLY GRIP TAPE: Grizzly was founded by Torey Pudwill when he was a grom of only twelve years old. Pudwill used a baking mold as the original inspiration for the iconic Grizzly bear logo.
Grizzly Griptape is now one of the most recognizable skateboard related logos in the industry!
Originally known for their grip tape, Grizzly has been expanding their product line into skateboard completes and accessories since 2012. Grizzly skateboard grip tape will keep your feet firmly planted on your board while you ride. Their tape is easy to apply, and will not cause air bubbles.