Grizzly Grip Cleaner Gum



Grizzly Grip Cleaner Gum


A match made in heaven, Grizzly Grip and Grip Gum come together to introduce their Grizzly Gum Grip Tape Cleaner. The perfect accessory for keeping your grip tape fresh, free from grime, dirt, and bad vibes all around.

The Grizzly Grip Gum Grip Cleaner cleans off all that gunk off your grip. Removes grime, muck, crap, dirt and any bad vibes that could be giving you a bad skate session.

Designed to last long, this griptape eraser keeps your board looking fresh for days and weeks to come! Never again get caught riding dirty griptape!

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We all know this situation all too well… Person: ”Hey man nice new board can I try it out?” You: ”Sure friend”. That is when it happens. Your best buddy, although meaning well doesn’t realize he has dirty shoes and steps all over your fresh clean griptape. As a result, making it look like the mud flaps of a semi truck instead of the beautiful new piece it is. Lucky for you, there is the Grizzly Grip Cleaner Gum!

No it doesn’t remove your griptape, but much rather cleans it. It’s a helpful little tool that keeps any deck looking fresh. Fits easy into a backpack or pocket so you won’t ever have to be caught without it. Life happens, keep your griptape looking great regardless.


You can never go wrong with the smooth style of Chico Brenes & Danny Hamaguchi. Pick up the Grizzly Griptape x Central Skateboarding collection at retailers world wide.

“Chico Brenes is one of the smoothest operators in town. The little things he does on a skateboard goes very far in what we call style today. It’s impossible to do a front big spin without Chico, my favorite skater. For this collab, Chico wanted to do something he liked and I wouldn’t think it was gonna be any different. Go for what you know!!” – Torey Pudwill



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