Heroin Craig Scott Call of the Wild Questions Deck 9″ x 32.5″ White


HEROIN Skateboards

Heroin Craig Scott Call of the Wild Questions Deck 9″ x 32.5″ White


Craig Scott Call of the Wild Questions deck is ready for some heavy skating! It features plus-sized dimensions and a modern street shape, equally usable for street and tranny!

This Heroin skateboard deck is designed for a technical bowl skater or a ripper who prefers a wider skateboard as you slay anything in your path!

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Heroin Call Of the Wild Craig Scott Questions deck 9.0 x 32.5 white Canada Pickup VancouverThis professional quality Craig Scott’s Heroin Call of the Wild Questions deck measures 9″ wide x 32.5″ long and rips vert, banks, ditches, and of course street! 

The Heroin Craig Scott Questions deck is the board of choice for hammer-style skating with its plus-size dimensions and beefy shape. It’s rock-solid with tons of pop and ready for your favorite skate spots. Its plus-sized modern street shape is suitable for both transition and street skating, with nice and stable wheelbase. Set yourself up this huge deck with some 169s and enjoy all the room you can work with! 


After messing us up with Bath Salts, Heroin’s back with another mind-expanding full-length video trip. Let Gou Miyagi and the gang’s off-beat skating reconfigure your brain.


HEROIN Skateboards

HEROIN STICKER VANCOUVER LOCAL PICKUP CANADA ONLINEOwned by Fos, Heroin Skateboards started as a low-budget backyard production in 1998, influencing their unique graphics. Fos started stenciling his own graphics on boards to sell.
Since then, the company has now sponsored 6 pro’s with 5 video parts out. All from shop and skater support, the brand is able to thrive. BoarderLabs & CalStreets will deliver your Heroin Bro Rails to you… even if you live in the ass of nowhere.
FUCK DRUGS, LET’S SKATE! Guaranteed good time.  
HEROIN Skateboards

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