Hosoi Hammerhead Mini Cruiser Complete 8.5″ X 28″ Black

$159.95 $149.95-6%


Hosoi Hammerhead Mini Cruiser Complete 8.5″ X 28″ Black

$159.95 $149.95-6%

The Hosoi Hammerhead Mini Cruiser will make you feel like it’s the 80’s again! What an amazing era to skate.

This skateboard will do anything you want it to, whether it’s cruising or some heavy duty transition shredding. The legendary hammerhead shape is here for you in a more compact form, yet an 8.5″ width provides a plenty of room to land any trick. 

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Buy Hosoi Hammerhead Mini Cruiser Complete 8.5" X 28" Black Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

The Hosoi Hammerhead is the legendary shape that changed the way decks were made!

This Hosoi Hammerhead Mini Cruiser will make you appreciate many types of skateboarding. Yes, it’s a cruiser, but it’s still 360 flippable. This classic board is the same shape as the original Hammerhead Christian designed in the early-eighties with no concave. 

The legendary Christian Hosoi is back, along with a full line of decks, wheels & accessories by Hosoi Skateboards. The brand implemented their unquestionable experience and passion into making this lighter and more portable Mini Cruiser. Commute on it with comfort and throw in a boneless any time you feel like doing tricks.


  • Width: 8.5″
  • Length: 28″
  • Wheel base: 14.5″
  • Abec 5 Psycho bearings
  • 7 Ply Hard Rock Maple
  • Legendary Hammerhead Shape
  • Custom Griptape Print
  • Black 5″ Trucks
  • 60mm 78A Wheels

Overall, Christian Hosoi is a legendary skater — inventor of Christ and Rocket Airs — and also the owner of his own board company, Hosoi skateboards. As a result, hear from Hosoi exactly what he rides from the deck, to grab rails and his Independent trucks, which he has been sponsored by for the past 30 years, in this Setup. In addition, be sure to check out more Hosoi Skateboards HERE


Hosoi Skateboards

Buy Hosoi Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverChristian Hosoi is the driving force behind Hosoi Skateboards.  The brand features boards based on original shapes and designs and modern takes and designs on those same classic boards.
There are even new graphics from guest artists like John Lucero, as well as mini popsicle boards for all the mini rippers out there.  One of the best things about this brand are all the boards are made right here in Costa Mesa, CA.
Hosoi was the first brand to produce decks with a hammerhead shape. To this day these types of boards are one of the most creative and sought after shapes in the skateboarding industry.
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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 85 × 45 × 25 cm
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