Independent Trucks

Independent Titanium Trucks Stg 11 169mm Silver


With the sweet silver look and highest strength to weight ratio, allow me to introduce Titanium Independent Trucks. These Independent Trucks are 15% lighter than the standard Independents making them the lightest truck Indy has to offer. 

They are built super tough for the gnarliest of skaters. Enjoyable by all skill levels, these trucks will make you feel what it is like to really be in control. In addition, they come in a 53.5mm height which has them sliding just below the standard height (55mm).


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Independent Titanium Trucks Stg 11 139mm Silver vancouver online shopping canadaLooking 15% more sick than regular Indy trucks, the only thing sicker than Titanium Independent Trucks Indy Canada Pickup Online CalStreets Vancouverthe colour on these trucks is the titanium technology! Independent Titanium Trucks, the final frontier. These trucks have the highest strength to weight ratio. Independent Trucks are built to fulfill the needs of the skater who needs that extra little bit of help to get his tricks and for the guys throwing their tricks down huge gaps and long ledges.

Smooth grinding, quick responding, these 53.5mm high trucks are fantastic for any skill level. They fit between the standard height and the low height, making them an excellent mid height truck.

Talk about light! These trucks are 15% lighter than the standard Independent trucks but still super durable! Indy hasn’t just started revolutionizing trucks with this one, they have been doing it since 1978!


  • 53.5mm Height 169mm Width
  • Best suited for 8.75”-9.75” 
  • Titanium axles Forged baseplate
  • Chromoly kingpin
  • 50mm-54mm Ideal Wheel
  • 15% Lighter. Sold as a set of two

Titanium Independent Trucks Indy Canada Pickup Online CalStreets Vancouver

Emerica and Leo Romero proudly present his Side-B from MADE Chapter One.

Independent Inverted Kingpin and Baseplate Set Skateboard Trucks Canada Pickup Vancouver


Independent Trucks

Indy Independent Trucks Canada Pickup CalStreets Vancouver Independent Truck Company is a skateboard truck manufacturer based in Santa Cruz, California, United States (US). Established in 1978, the company is owned by NHS, Inc. The trucks are manufactured in the city of San Francisco, US, by Ermico Enterprises, Inc., the only dedicated skateboard truck foundry in the US. *May 23rd 1978 was the day that changed skateboard trucks forever. That was the day the world received the gift of Independent trucks. They have made trucks non-stop since day one. Available in a wide variety of sizes and heights and even featuring the 6 hole pattern (pre 1992 compatible) base-plates on some of their larger models. Independent does everything you can to get you on the grind.* Independent trucks are probably the most well known skate trucks to date.
Independent Trucks

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 cm
Axle Width