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Independent X Primitive Mid 149mm Gold


The Independent X Primitive Mid trucks feature an inverted kingpin for better grind clearance and a lower profile hanger.

Ready to add some extra bling to your setup are the beautiful Independent X Primitive collaboration trucks which feature a polished gold-tone colourway. This provides for optimal contact point angle on your nose and tail for flip tricks, ledges, and all-around street skating with a recommended wheel size of 53mm and under. As a result, these trucks are built to and ready grind!

NOTE: Best suited for 8.375″ – 8.6″ decks!

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Two great forces within the skateboarding community join together to produce these beautiful Independent X Primitive Mid Trucks in a polished gold-tone colourway!

With 4140 Primitive Independent Mid Bling Gold Canada pickup CalStreets Vancouverchromoly steel axles and grade 8 inverted kingpins these Independent Mid trucks are tough as nails. In addition, the SCM435 Chromoly steel grade axles are super tough and the highest quality to ensure that they are un-bendable.

The hanger and baseplate for these beautiful trucks is formed from A356 T6 Aluminum, which is the best lightweight aluminum alloy. It is heat treated to T6 condition for strength, durability, and grind feel. As a result, these Independent trucks are built to grind!

Independent Mid trucks feature a lower profile hanger for optimal contact point angle on your nose and tail for flip tricks, ledges, and all-around street skating with a recommended wheel size of 53mm and under.

The newly designed and first ever Independent inverted kingpin provides better grinding clearance and can be used with either a 5.5mm Allen key or standard 9/16″ hex wrench. The innovative new Shaft Nut in the baseplate creates a rigid and durable solution to lateral movement found in most inverted kingpin designs and increases adjustability.


  • Axle width: 149mm (8.5″)
  • Best suited for 8.375”- 8.6” deck
  • Inverted kingpin 
  • Lower profile hanger
  • Sold as a set of two

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Dig in with Tony Hawk’s NEW Signature Pro Truck designed by Devo’s frontman Mark Mothersbaugh as they talk gymnast plants, DEVO & more! Tony Hawk x Mark Mothersbaugh Signature Pro Truck is OUT NOW – 139, 144, 149, 159 & 169.


Independent Trucks

Indy Independent Trucks Canada Pickup CalStreets Vancouver Independent Truck Company is a skateboard truck manufacturer based in Santa Cruz, California, United States (US). Established in 1978, the company is owned by NHS, Inc. The trucks are manufactured in the city of San Francisco, US, by Ermico Enterprises, Inc., the only dedicated skateboard truck foundry in the US. *May 23rd 1978 was the day that changed skateboard trucks forever. That was the day the world received the gift of Independent trucks. They have made trucks non-stop since day one. Available in a wide variety of sizes and heights and even featuring the 6 hole pattern (pre 1992 compatible) base-plates on some of their larger models. Independent does everything you can to get you on the grind.* Independent trucks are probably the most well known skate trucks to date.
Independent Trucks

Primitive Skateboards

2PAC Primitive Skate Griptape Canada Pickup for sale Vancouver Selling out of boards is a good thing when you're a skate company. But when you do it in the first two minutes? That's something to take note of. After leaving Plan B Paul Rodriguez produced 500 decks and they caught fire! Thus Primitive was born! The original team began with heavy hitters such as Nick Tucker, Carlos Ribeiro and Paul himself.
The concept for Primitive was born in 2012 and took flight in 2014. Being a household name in skaters lives world wide is definitely a great feat, let alone doing it in a matter of a handful of years. Bastien Salabanzi joined up with Primitive in early 2015, one of Paul's idols. Who knows what heavy hitters will grace their name on a Primitive deck.
Primitive Skateboards

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Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm
Axle Width