Krux 8.25″ Trucks Down Low Kingpin Polished Silver



Krux 8.25″ Trucks Down Low Kingpin Polished Silver


These Krux DLK 8.25″ Polished Silver Trucks feature hangers with a shiny silver sheen and a hollow centre for best weight savings! Krux Trucks have always been known for their control and all terrain suitability, all in a lightweight slick design. Looking good, riding better!

These delightful trucks are designed to fit a 8″ – 8.25″ board nicely. Krux trucks feature tall 55mm geometry, so they can be used for transition or street skating equally well.

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Krux 8.25" Trucks Polished Silver Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverBuy Krux Trucks Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupRide in style with the Krux 8.25″ DLK Polished Silver Trucks!

The hollowed out hanger reduces weight allowing for higher ollies and faster flip tricks. All Krux trucks are drop-forged for increased durability.

Krux 8.25″ DLK Polished Silver Trucks features the Krux Downlow Kingpin (DLK). Designed to prevent any snags or hang ups during grinds and perfect for smiths and feebles.

Truly the smoothest grind. Krux DLK Lows are great for tech shredders and makes flip tricks easier. Perfect for ledges, rails and any other street terrain too.

However, that isn’t to say that Krux shouldn’t be thrown down massive stair sets! Chaz Ortiz, David Reyes, Tommy Sandoval and Nick Merlino all ride for Krux and throw themselves down the biggest of things every day! So, if you want to go big or go home, make sure you set up your Krux!

Krux 8.25″ DLK Silver Trucks:

  • Axle Width: 8.25″
  • Height 55mm
  • Weight 355g
  • Hollow Hangers
  • Downlow King Pins
  • Designed to fit a 8″- 8.25″ board
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Nick Merlino explains how he started riding for Krux and why he like the Krux low with the Downlow Kingpin aka the DLK. Krux Trucks are one of our best sellers! Check out more polished beauties here!


Krux Trucks

Krux Trucks David Loy Header Vancouver Online shopping Canada Krux Trucks are a fun loving company! Just like skateboarding should be! Krux is a truck company that is all about having fun! These trucks are no exception. Krux Trucks are made with the fun and joy of skateboarding in mind. Their design features a low and rounded kingpin for less hang up. Less hang up results in smoother, cleaner and more landed smith grinds and feebles! But don't worry, you can still lock in and grind away into the sunset. Krux makes trucks in a variety of sizes to fit every skater with a great set of high performance trucks. From the wee shredders to that guy who just never stopped, Krux has it all.
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Additional information

Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm
Axle Width