Krux Trucks 5.35” Rainbow Standard



Krux Trucks 5.35” Rainbow Standard


Who here likes skateboarding? If you said yes, then do we have a treat for you! these Krux Trucks are totally rad! They feature a super fun and accepting rainbow colour way to add a little diversity into your set up!

Krux is as down for skating as you are. If you love riding, you will get along perfectly with these trucks. Enjoyed by beginners and experts, Krux are a smooth grind. With a mission to keep that kingpin more tucked away, Krux is helping prevent grind hang up one trick at a time.

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buyKrux Trucks 5.35'' Rainbow Standard Vancouver Online shopping CanadaKrux Trucks are amazing not only in their sweet radical designs but in performance as well. They do their best to tuck away the king pins so you will have less hang up on feebles and smiths! Giving skaters a smoother grind is high on their agenda!

These delicious rainbow trucks are 55mm tall so you can rock wheels up to about 55mm without having to worry about a riser unless your a loosey goosey. They measure tip to tip 8.0” long with a grinding surface of 5.35”. These killer specs make them ideal for a 7.8”-8.3” wide deck.

So if your looking to spice up your truck life, be sure to give Krux a try! If you like this truck but skate a different size board, we have other sizes available.


  • 8.0” Axle Width
  • 5.35” Grinding Surface
  • 55mm Height
  • Fits 7.8”-8.3” decks
  • Low kingpin
  • Smooth grinding
  • Sold in set of two
  • Prideful
  • More Krux HERE

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Krux Trucks

Krux Trucks David Loy Header Vancouver Online shopping Canada Krux Trucks are a fun loving company! Just like skateboarding should be! Krux is a truck company that is all about having fun! These trucks are no exception. Krux Trucks are made with the fun and joy of skateboarding in mind. Their design features a low and rounded kingpin for less hang up. Less hang up results in smoother, cleaner and more landed smith grinds and feebles! But don't worry, you can still lock in and grind away into the sunset. Krux makes trucks in a variety of sizes to fit every skater with a great set of high performance trucks. From the wee shredders to that guy who just never stopped, Krux has it all.
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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Axle Width