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Krux X Stranger Things Code Red K5 Trucks 8" $89.95
Krux Trucks

Krux X Stranger Things Crew K5 Trucks 8.5″ Silver


Stranger Things have never happened to Krux until now. With original artwork from the series and a 8.5 size, these trucks pair perfectly with board widths from 8.25″ – 9″!

The Krux X Stranger Things Crew K5 Trucks with the perfect turn features, newly re-designed hanger and baseplate, quicker turning geometry, a new pivot shape & more durable injection molded pivot cup combined with the world’s best cushions and the strongest axles available!

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Santa Cruz Stranger Things Canada Pickup Vancouver

Krux X Stranger Things Crew K5 Trucks Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupKrux X Stranger Things Crew K5 Trucks Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Stranger Things have never happened to Krux until now! Introducing the Krux X Stranger Things Crew K5 trucks with original artwork from the series!

The Krux K5 trucks feature an updated hanger and baseplate design which provides a new quicker turning geometry, a new pivot cup shape, re-designed hanger and baseplate.

All of these aspects combined with the strongest SCM435 axles available make the K5 the best Krux Truck ever made!

These Krux Trucks are the perfect truck for all types of skateboarding. Perfect for all skill levels whether you’re a beginner or an advanced shredder.

As a result, these trucks are great for parks, street, ditches, cruisers and more!


  • Axle Width: 8.5″
  • Stronger SCM435 axles
  • World’s best cushions
  • Quicker turning geometry
  • New pivot shape
  • Re-designed hanger and baseplate
  • Designed to fit a 8.25″ – 9″ board
  • Stranger Things collaboration
  • More here: STRANGER THINGS

Krux Trucks Canada Pickup Vancouver

We got a fresh “My Grooves” with legendary Australian rippa’ Shanae “Sheezy” Collins! Sheezy pops off with her hilarious take on why Krux are the best trucks. Whats the hole for again?! And oh yeah, we bought her a Tesla to ride for us. Who should we hit up for our next installment of MY GROOVES?


Krux Trucks

Krux Skateboard Hardware Canada Pickup VancouverKrux Trucks are a fun loving company! Just like skateboarding should be!
Krux is a truck company that is all about having fun! These trucks are no exception. Krux Trucks are made with the fun and joy of skateboarding in mind. Their design features a low and rounded kingpin for less hang up. Less hang up results in smoother, cleaner and more landed smith grinds and feebles! 
Krux makes trucks in a variety of sizes to fit every skater with a great set of high performance trucks. From the wee shredders to that guy who just never stopped, Krux has it all.
Krux Trucks

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