Landyachtz Tugboat Chill Cat Complete 9″ x 30″



Landyachtz Tugboat Chill Cat Complete 9″ x 30″


What’s one of the strongest, most reliable vessels on the sea?  That’s it, theTugboat! This little power house exists to step it up and get s#!% done.

Slightly larger than the Dinghy, the Tugboatis great if you like a little more room under your feet for crushing neighborhood streets and sidewalks. The Landyachtz Tugboat is a great choice for any skill level of rider.Whether your looking to cruise for the first time, seasoned rider, or even a pro rider these will be comfortable under your feet!

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Buy Landyachtz Tugboat Chill Cat Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupBuy Landyachtz Tugboat Chill Cat Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Landyachtz Tugboat is definitely a board you will want to get your hands on. After all you can’t resist those pup eyes!

Whether it’s a trip to the beach in the summer, a cruise to class, a trip to the grocery store or you would just rather have more fun than walking, the Landyachtz Tugboat takes the cake. The Tugboat is a great option for anyone looking to roll around. Whether it be transportation or pleasure, these boards are appropriate for beginners and advanced riders. This is a great cruise and have a usable kick tail for added fun!

Built with fun in mind, the Tugboat is your go to cruiser board. This board is bigger than the standard dinghy, as it comes in with a 30″ length and a width of 9″. 

This fun and functional cruiser is simple, fun and efficient. Cruise with friends, roll to the corner store or cruise the boardwalk on one of many unique graphics. You’ll want to take the Tugboat everywhere you go!


  • Length: 30″
  • Width: 9″
  • Wheelbase: 15″
  • Small, Lightweight
  • Perfect for any type of rider!
  • One of a kind graphic
  • Mellow Concave
  • Integrated wheel wells
  • 100% Canadian Maple
  • 7 Ply Maple
  • Bear Polarbear Trucks
  • Bear Spaceball Bearings
  • Landyachtz Fatty Hawgs

Visiting the Big Island is the perfect way to wrap up a Hawaii trip. Relaxing at beautiful beaches, skating amazing ditches, swimming beside waterfalls and exploring an active volcano. We only scratched the surface of the biggest Hawaiian Island!



Buy Landaychtz Longboards Canada Online Dealer Sales Vancouver PickupHome grown and bred in Vancouver, BC. Landyachtz is all skater owned, where all their gear is designed and ridden by the guys and gals at Landyachtz for thousands of hours before being approved and sent off to your lovely home. They don't make what they wouldn't skate.
WE PLANT ONE TREE FOR EVERY BOARD WE SELL: We believe Maple is the best material for skateboards. Unfortunately that means removing maple trees from the environment. To give back to the environment we have decided that for every skateboard we sell, we plant a tree. One tree produces at least 60 boards. So with our program, one tree will turn into at least 60 new trees planted. We are excited about what we can accomplish together. When you buy one of our boards, know that you are making a difference and improving the environment for future generations to enjoy.
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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 6 cm
Skateboard Deck Width

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