OJ Wheels Power Riders High Octane 59mm 101A



OJ Wheels Power Riders High Octane 59mm 101A


OJ Wheels Power Riders High Octane 59mm are part of the new “High Octane” series! Featuring a stylish cool blue, these wheels are ready to be set up on your board and to be fired up. A collaboration from Power Rider and OJ Wheels, makes these the perfect wheels to throw on your skateboard.

OJ Wheels is renowned for their durable urethane compounds and innovative wheels designs. Grab a set and be ready to shred! OJ does the age old name justice and keeps it going amazing wheel after amazing wheel.

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OJ Wheels Power Riders High Octane 59mm 101AHigh Octane 59mm 101A VancouverOJ Wheels Power Riders High Octane 59mm are part of the new “High Octane” series. Get fired up! This new series of wheels are made in USA and are Mark “Red” Scott approved. Whether you’re in the streets, at the D.I.Y., or at the skatepark, these wheels will certainly not let you down. Grab some today and prepare to get gnarly. With a collaboration from PowerRider and OJ Wheels, you already know that these wheels will be at the top of the market. Pick yourself up a set, from the variety of sizes ranging from 53mm-59mm. Don’t waste a second longer to get fired up!

Santa Cruz put out OJ wheels in the 80s and man were they a hit! OJ has been a name synonymous with great quality skate wheels. Needless to say these wheels do not let the legacy of the name down.
Super rad for new or old shredders.

  • 101A
  • 59mm
  • High Octane series
  • Mark “Red” Scott approved
  • Get fired up!
  • Sold in sets of 4

Before the end of summer, the PowerRider crew put the pedal to metal and hauled ass out to southern Idaho. 5 parks in 3 days, one almost crashed go-cart, a couple high-octane beverages, and some insane session equals one hell of a rip-ride.


OJ Wheels

OJ Wheels Vancouver Skateshop OnlineTurning shitty skate spots into not so shitty spots since 1974. OJ Wheels have a reputation for riding smoother, skating harder, and performing better than other skate wheels. Whether its park, vert, or your nearest ditch.
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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 cm
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